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Nastasia was one of the many characters to join the RP during the April '09 Villain Trend, and one of the few to show lasting activity after the trend had ceased.

Character HistoryEdit

Nastasia worked as Count Bleck's assistant during the events of "Super Paper Mario".  She was in charge of keeping the Count's minions in order using her hypnotic influence.  During her service under Count Bleck, Nastasia had developed a crush for the the Count.  However, Nastasia was forced to deal with the fact that she and the Count were never meant to be since Bleck's heart had been sworn to his long-lost girlfriend, Lady Timpani.  Once Mario defeated Count Bleck in battle, Nastasia risked her life to guard the Count from the last fatal blow that was shot by Dimentio.

RP HistoryEdit

As previously stated, Nastasia first appeared during the Villain Trend.  She came up to her fellow co-worker, Mimi, and went over how she was unsatisfied with Mimi's performance record in the RP.  The scathing review left Mimi in tears and her memory wiped clean.  Nastasia disappeared shortly afterwords, feeling as if her plan to set Mimi's priorities in order had failed.

Early in June, Nastasia finally came back from her "extended vacation".  The only problem was that Count Bleck had canceled any plans that he had on destroying the site.  A kindly medical ninja suggested that Nastasia should put herself up to King Boo.  Nastasia went to do so and the ghostly King gladly took her under his services.  Nastasia eventually joined the League of Meta Knights, mostly because her new employer had recently become a member as well.

Once Daroach tried to takeover over The League after Meta Knight disappeared into a plothole, Nastasia suddenly developed affections for the dirty rat (mostly due to him bearing similar traits to her old flame).  However, the two didn't spend much time together since Nastasia was worried about history repeating itself and the plot eventually fizzling out into nothing.

Eager to do something noteworthy, Nastasia joined Sheik in the Plot-Hole Patrol to examine the phenomenon that consumed Meta Knight and to make sure it would never happen again.  The Patrol's endeavors were successful, yet the records of such were unable to be recorded properly.

To this day, Nastasia lives as much an unfettered existence as she did after the end of Super Paper Mario.  Her work at King Boo's Mansion keeps her occupied, yet she prefers to keep the goings on there quiet.


  • Nastasia has never used her hypnotic abilities at all during her time in the RP since resorting to those tactics are considered by her current puppeteer to be a "cheap move".

  • She shares the same join date (and at one point, puppeteer) as the only other regularly appearing character to make her debut during the Villain Trend, Lindsey Sead.

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