Normalman when he had pink eye


A complete Normal person as there can be, he just happened to stumble into Sheezyart one day and has been completely terrified of many of the inhabitants ever since. It did not help that his welcoming committee consisted of Nate DeSa who threatened to use him for target practice the very moment they met. He can be found to be constantly terrified by anyone who does not appear to be a normal human being and many times will run and hide at the first sight of danger, as he can not be revived by non-medicinal means.

RP involvementEdit

Normalman, aka Norman Alan Mann, works as a milkman delivering milk to the different residents of sheezyart, largely due to the fact that he has yet to find a way to leave the place.

He was unknowingly stalked by the Red Spy, posing as his wife, for a short spell but due to sheer dumb luck he was able to avoid being backstabbed.

There are also numerous occasions where other rp characters will try to convince him to become abnormal in certain ways or to be asked how he is normal.

Small factsEdit

He is often looked at as a sort of "genius idea" of a joke character when in reality he was a quickly thought up joke.

He is terrified of Nate DeSa after the multiple times Nate threatened him when he was created, yet he still tries to be friends

He does not like spiders. At all. They make him scream like a little girl.

He is a milkman from what appears to be the 1950's or earlier yet he still tries to say he is the modern day normal person.

He has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl, yet none are ever seen as the puppeteer is too lazy busy to draw a picture of them.