Geisha of the skies by Triple Q
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Release date

Oct 2nd, 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Meta Knight, Claus

Okamigaiden was one of the more controversial plots. It was a subplot set after Liquid Lindsey, and was the second and last use of a reset by Gregg. Drama about plots rose upon completion of the plot; despite this yet another plot about Eureka was still made.


After Lindsey Sead was defeated Claus and Meta Knight decided to go on a holiday to Nippon, the mysterious land stuck in the era of feudal Japan.

Their first activity was in Sei-an City, which involved the tedious task of breaking Blu-ray copies of "Up".

After having met Amaterasu, Claus and Meta Knight got into a fight with Waka, who in the end was revealed to be Duster.

Claus and Meta Knight paid a visit to his home in Kamui, where they met Duster and Eureka's beautiful yet illegitimate daugther Dasureka. They told Claus and Meta about their escape from Pop Star after the events of Party Poopers. The whole group decided to send a letter of greetings to Eureka, which did not go down every well.

Eureka replied with a letter filled with hate. This for some reason hurt Dasureka's feelings enough to drive her to commit suicide.

Gregg was pretty bored with all of this, so he reset everything so that it never happened. Dasureka's fate is unknown, but she was never seen again. Nate DeSa and Mr. Resetti were pretty pissed at all the resetting going on.


  • The plot really didn't have much to do with Okami, save for being in Nippon and Amaterasu/Waka making an appearance.
  • According to Duster, he had knocked a stand of conveniently placed Mega Man games into the Fountain of Dreams during him and his daughter's escape. This could explain the influx of Robot Masters and their current prominence.


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