The younger of the "P-siblings" She's kind, happy, and the oppocet of her brother in almost every way


Albert (Creator/Father)









Charecter History Edit

Pandora is the Secound Reploid created by Albert, identified as DAN-002. Like her brother, she was given a fragment of the Model W Biometal to become one of Albert's first Mega Men. Eventually, Prometheus and Pandora managed to temporarily escape Albert's control, attempting to flee, but were unfortunately captured and permanently fused with a fragment of Model W. The result not only traps her in his Megamerged form, but leaves her no choice but to participate in the Game of Destiny in order to seek out and confirm the strongest Mega Man there is (Though However, Prometheus seems to be in control of her behind the scenes; seeing she).

RP history Edit

She originally came to sheezy around during the time skip, with the same purpose as she was programed; To determine the ultimate Megaman; but then she was shown kindness and compassion from the Robot Masters [I THINK thats what happened]so she decided to help them out knowing it would be at her demise, bye acquiring the help of Jack Wilkinson, to gain pseudoriod parts to aid in the repair the fallen Masters.

However; this didn't come without consequence; after her act of unconditional kindness, her creator denied her the repairs she needed. It is unknown whether or not Prometheus was present during this decision, and was De-merged, albert taking away her powers and throwing her in a scrap pile somewhere.


Angels sang out.

In an imaculate courus

and down from the heavens


Galaxy Man, With tools mang. Shutupthattoatallyryhmes

Then came the reverse timeskip and she went right back to doing WHATEVER Prometheus said, Which lasted only three days, untill they where both done in by their 3 day living limit. Currently, she is trying to lead a normal life, using an outdated book titled "how to be a girl for dummies", and with Minuet's, Reddy's, and Flareon's aid she might pull it off.

But however; She is one of alberts creations; so who knows how long She will remain free...

She was in shock by her brother aiding in helping her regain consious, she givin Model B (beta) made bye tron, but this quickly passed when Galaxy Man took her on a date to a local fair, where she was kiddnapped bye atlas in demand for an ancient relic; proveing ounce more, All female robot masters are kidnap-bait.


Lately, she's been useing her Megamerged form, with its ability to "Teleport" bye a twirl of a scepter, to save something that small and in danger saying "Bye~!" an "Twirling out"

Thus being a Mary Sue while being in Character


Yup, since prometheus went loony, and the aliance of Albert, Exdeath, and Juno, she went into hideing, seeing as Prometheus and Pandora are VERY strong together, oh and she has the Original Omega-Z-Saber, and not a data copy that Prometheus has currently.

Ok she's back nowEdit

You see, she came back, then evil, then back again, the usual.

However, Albert seems to have a fetish for throwing women in the trash

And, we learn about her familyEdit

In short.

Her human sister, Ashe, is the only one their Father, Albert, ever loved

Ashe, is trieing to hunt down their youngest brother, Grey [DAN 003] , Because he has an "Imitation" Biometal, because she's a bounty hunter.

Ashe hates Prometheus cause he killed her friends

Prometheus hates Ashe and grey, Well either because they have the A-trans ability, showing that albert cared for them more, or its just him being prometheus

Pandora thinks Grey hates them because he didn't save them

and Prometheus, Grey, and Ashe all hate albert.

Poor ole pan just wants them all to get along///


Facts Edit

  • She is very friendly and quiet, unlike her brother who is only interested in killing things
  • Her repliod form is seen post time skip as Albert denies her maintenance.
  • She is damn easy to convince and to knock off her broom, apparently, as Flareon has done it many times
  • She seems to have an artistic ability
  • With her biometal being lost BEFORE the time skip causes a paradox in time.
  • As if THAT werent padoxal enough; she now has a crush on Galaxy man, oh gods what will the child look like, and HOW will this effect the timestream?
  • Next to Prometheus, Pandora may be one of Nintendosavis best RP preformances ever