Pandora (sister), Albert (father, creator)



The Older brother to Pandora; One of the two reploid siblings created by Albert

He's also an asshole.

Character History Edit

Prometheus is the first Reploid created by Albert, identified as DAN-001. Like his sister, he was given a fragment of the Model W Biometal to become one of Albert's first Mega Men. Eventually, Prometheus and his sister managed to temporarily escape Albert's control, attempting to flee, but were unfortunately captured and permanently fused with a fragment of Model W. The result not only traps him in his Megamerged form, but leaves him no choice but to participate in the Game of Destiny in order to seek out and confirm the strongest Mega Man there is (which also hints that the only reason he does commit bloodshed and other things is because he has to, not necessarily because he actually enjoys it.).

RP History Edit

Now this is foggy at the time; He seems to have only come in really as to do the two things he does best; Killing things and being crazy. Though, It is if as planned.... One of his earliest acts was that he trash-talked Splashwoman, claiming that he killed mothers not gained them, inferring he never had a mother (Which said Robot Master seemed to pick up); and while at the same time, pushing away Torrentgirl, who only tried to get closer to him with her baby antics, resulting in him making her cry, which started a domino of fights picked with him, they where as the following; Galaxyman, Airman, Flareon, and Marx.

However, in the end it was Airman that did him in with a lucky shot getting his right arm stabbed through a rock, Torrent came back in and nudged him, and while dieing revealed his softer side, asking Torrentgirl for forgiveness before going into a death like state.

Then Airman took him to the Red mettool's(Reddy's) workshop to be repaired, due to her boredom she needed something to do;

His biometal was removed from his central life substainer along with Pandora's and shot out to space by Galaxyman.

But did Galaxyman know Model W Came from a Space station that almost destroyed the earth once?

Oh shi-

Well, foreshadowing aside; He is currently getting egged on by the other robot masters, and reddy, who while he was down enstalled a way so at the push of a button, he is disembodied, his plot is trying to get his power back through Exdeath by joining his football team. At one point Prometheus teamed up with Galaxy Man, and Tron Bonne to go deep into the Under Sheezy Ruins to dig up a huge model W. The only reason Prometheus did this was because he was supplied with a Beam scythe, but maybe also concern for his sister. The reploid's true motives weren't clear, but his efforts were not fruitless. Prometheus had taken the head of Vultron, which he tends to pull a certain wire that moves his jaw and the biometal Model Espilon. Similar to the one that Tron Bonne made for Pandora, the Model Espilon Biometal enables him to access his original Mega Merged form due to it being made from a model W (though it went through Galaxy Man's hands first).

Also adding onto his Underground adventures, he also went on a dig with Shadeki as his spotter.

He also recently has tried to eat the pokemon eggs that are showing up as of late, but they always get defended bye their mother to be, and even when they do HATCH keep in mind he still trys.

Ever Since his Dad, Albert showed up, he seems to have reverted to the personality he had when HE showed up.

Boy got shanked.Edit

During a Dig with Sakuya, Prometheus was shanked by Aeolus and stole his biometal, (He blames the "Elemental Ro-Sham-bo" Present in the ZX game series, Fire beats Ice, Electric beats fire (Aeolus is of the electric element, Wind doubles as electricity), and Ice beats electricity). As a result, his voice had been weakened so he couldn't be able to yell for long. Prometheus is now bent on get revenge on Aeolus.

Mega Man Prometheus?Edit

Just as its sounds, Eversince he went into the ruins with Sakuya Whoisnowhisgirlfriendish, in which he, and to no suprise, deafeted The devil repliod, and the fake megaman, Omega-zero, proceeding the fight he gained the Omega-Z-saber With a note From Zero himself. Though he is not very talented with a sword yet, the swords power itself makes up, Galaxyman put him on cource to hunt down more legendary weapons, telling him he can defeat Aeolus with them.

So guess what he's after?

And can anyone say, "Doin it Megaman Zero style bitches"?

Coocoo for coa-coa puffsEdit

Yup, he has gone right on back to his old ways, going around picking fights, and trying to kill people Thoughmostrunormsthemselfsoutofit

He has currently killed Huepow, Klonoas friend, all of Tron's Servebots, Injured Galaxyman, and is in attempt to kill quite the few others

After he regained sanity, he gave all three of his "Masters" the big middle finger due to Albert skrewing up a loyalty and Electric resistance chip

It did the oppicet makeing him UNLOYAL to him, or anyone who was his master at the time; oh and doubled his weakness to electricity

so now he's 4x weak to it.

Poor prometheus


He took one, Its his Rper's excuse to kill off the account for a while.

Cause he's lazy.

And he went to hell and back.


Problem, Prometheus?Edit

yea, run in with facilier, turned into a coward

AND he also took albert's DNA in-codeing it, replaceing it with something of his own doing, turning His hair from Blue, to Black

But he was going to dye it anyway, but in the end due to his RPers inability to distinguish pink from red apparently, he in the end swapped back to his old look



His son is here

We're all fucked

Weapons he gainedEdit

Now THIS is a head scratcher

How does the biggest asshole get provided more weapons?

and while being IC aswell?

  • Omega Zero Saber [Though not as powerful as the original, though he did own it at one point, its a copy the bio-metal made]
  • Scythe Cross-bow; A weapon made for him bye everyones favorite mettool; Reddy when he went in for an upgrade for a space upgrade, its design is much like a robot master's "Buster" and it fires small spinning scythes, It is unknown what special ability this weapon has yet.
  • A bloody Scythe
  • Training saber


  • Has been foreshadowed by Pandora.
  • Swears like a sailor, although he has powers over flame and shadow; not ice and thunder. His sister, Pandora, holds these powers.
  • His scythe was stolen by Airman as a trophy of victory. So it is unknown if his scythe disappeared after his biometal was removed.
  • He apparently likes kids deep down.
  • He seems raged about his Biometal being removed; Being contrast from his sister
  • He is a pyromaniac
  • Next to Pandora, Prometheus May be one of Nintendosavi's best performonces in RP ever
  • Also, he is Nintendosavi's most Violent account. Along with being the only one to say "fuck"
  • According To Blitz girl, He's a tomato. thats offencive in their own little world.
  • While on Blitz Girl, he and her seem to get along like cousans
  • He also hates Deviant Art for making to many arts of his Repliod form looking happy.
  • He is very sencative about being called a robot, he prefers being called what he is, a Repliod