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Queen Jaydes is the ruler of the Underwhere from "Super Paper Mario" and the mother-figure of Luvbi.  She is one of the main deities of the Roleplay, in charge of death, continuity watch and plot direction along with Gregg and Bastian.

Character HistoryEdit

When Mario was first sent to the Underwhere thanks to Dimentio, he came across Jaydes and attempted to convince her that he was not really dead.  Queen Jaydes was sidetracked by an emergency phone call stating that Luvbi went missing.  Jaydes decided to have Mario search for Luvbi since she was too busy with other matters to do it herself.  Mario eventually found Luvbi (and his brother, Luigi) and came back to Queen Jaydes, who had revived the Pure Heart that had been petrified by the destruction of the Sammer Kingdom.  Queen Jaydes sent the Mario Bros back to Flipside since she realized that they were still very much alive.

The seventh door on the Flipside Tower lead Mario and Luigi back to the Underwhere, which leading them to assume that Queen Jaydes had a Pure Heart of her own.  When Mario and Luigi questioned her, Jaydes told them that the whereabouts of the final Pure Heart were known only by her husband, King Grambi, and that the Mario Bros would only get the Pure Heart if they escorted Luvbi (who secretly was the Pure Heart they sought) back to the Overthere.

RP HistoryEdit

Queen Jaydes debuted on the first of June 2009, during Party Poopers.  In the continuity of the RP, she's deemed as a lesser deity of Death since she only deals with video game characters and she apparently has "messed with death" once or twice out of boredom.  She doesn't like the idea of having plot involvement because the plots that have occurred so far make her cringe and she doesn't like to take sides.


  • She's made an appearance in every plot that Gregg has been in save for Liquid Lindsey.
  • Rin Kaenbyou wore a cloak similar to Queen Jaydes's gown for her part as The Ghost of Christmas Future during "A Sheezy Christmas Carol".
  • When introducing herself to a non-game-based character, she tries to avoid stating the actual name of her realm to prevent herself from getting laughed at.

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