QuickMan DWN 012
""Can you keep up with me!?"






Robot Master/Dad

Quick Man is one of the fastest Robot Masters, hence the name. His level in Mega Man 2 contains a number of deadly, hair-trigger lasers. He was created by Dr. Wily specifically to kill Mega Man. Ironically, he's betrayed his creator and sided with the blue bomber several times, like saving him from Shadow Man in Super Adventure Rockman. He and Turbo Man are rivals. Quick Man himself is a powerful and very speedy robot who gave Megaman a hard time.

RP HistoryEdit

Quickman was the first of the Robot Masters to join SheezyART, soon followed afterward by Metalman and Splashwoman. Many people were confused about his now laid-back attitude, more than likely expecting him to act like...well, a robot assassin. Quickman tells everyone in the RP that he, like the rest of the DWN robots, were deprogrammed of their primary function (IE: kill Megaman) before Wily left for Vegas. Yes, Vegas.

After a few weeks passed, (either pre or during the MegaMess) Splashwoman ended up being severely damaged (again fuckyouguys) after a confrontation with Lindsey Sead. During her time in repairs, Quickman payed her a visit to try and lift her spirits, which later resulted in the two confessing their love for each other.

After all the bitchingdrama over the MegaMess was said and done, QuickMan finally decided to ask Splashwoman to marry him, who obliged.

The happy day came, and almost everyone in the SARP joined to support the soon to be wed robot masters. However, one particular individual did not wish to see this union occur, and that was Quickman's own creator: Dr. Wily!

Dr. Wily bursts through the chapel doors and caused mayhem and destruction in his campaign to stop the "unholy union". Nearly all the wedding patrons ganged up on Dr. Wily in an attempt to get rid of him, but it was Shin Akuma who managed to send Wily packing. (Ururururu, copy/paste.)

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  • During the beginnings of the MMRP, Quickman was seen by non-RMs as the proverbial leader of them, along with Splashwoman.
  • He got utterly annihilated by Shin Akuma (pre Trevopolis) , trying to protect Splashwoman.
  • He, along with Splashwoman, are the first RP couple to ever get married.
  • Is the father of four (three of which are adopted) kids; Avalanche 0013, Shy Guy, Marx, and TorrentGirl SQN 001.

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