Release date

July 13, 2010

Scenario Writer

Fen Rissinger, Meta Knight


pretty much everyone


Rei Ayanami

Ragnarok was one of the biggest plots to ever hit the world of roleplay. Originally penned by Fen Rissinger and concluded by the once-retired Meta Knight, Ragnarok had pretty much everyone in the roleplay participating, putting their own spin on what they were going to do when the world ended.

Arc I: The Setup PhaseEdit

The prophecy and the screw-aroundEdit

A prophecy was to come to pass. The world would be in flames, a neurotoxin gas would flood the atmosphere, and of course, the very gods would do battle. There were a select few individuals who were to do battle (see below). Wyn Rosenrot, an Illuminati clan member, was to participate as well as oversee the events. Accompanying him would be the older Nate DeSa.

All was predestined, and the world was actually given a week to prepare for the end. Many people got the word out, but Tomis Tel Aviv spoke out to people the most.

Everyone starting making their plans; most people would hide in shelters, while some welcomed the mass paranoia and fear. Some spent their last days doing what they wanted; Rafael Castello, for example, committed petty theft (and had his bike stolen in the process).

The League/Evolution feudEdit

But perhaps the most significant action being taken were the factions of the world; Team Evolution, as well as the League of Meta Knights were planning to evacuate everyone. Team Evolution had a bunker: the King responded to this with a bunker of his own, complete with golden statues. Moddex also had constructed the Ark, but few knew of its existence at the time.

At the time, Evolution and the League were in some sort of feud; Sword Knight had stolen the Halberd from the League. The two broke out into argument and thus couldn’t organize their plans properly.

Things as this point looked like they were going to be majorly fucked over.

Return of the KnightEdit

Out of nowhere, the most unexpected thing happened; Meta Knight came out of retirement to defend the world once more. For some reason, he managed to inspire many of the most dormant people to fight the power. He had also managed to reorganize the League, and settled the feud between them and Evolution as prompted by Wyn. Wyn warned him to stay out of the inevitable, but Meta Knight was still really suspicious. Sword Knight planned to return the Halberd to Meta Knight so he could upgrade it. But then…

Arc II: The End BeginsEdit

As it is written...Edit

Ragnarok started. Everyone was either evacuated, or dead, and the prophecy was coming to be. The ship was about to be returned, when King DeDeDe blew it up because he thought they hadn’t settled the score. The League and Evolution were safe, but they were one ship down.

At this point, the earth was on fire, the gas was choking, the norsemen and zombies were invading, and the bases somehow held the line. Many people were gung-ho enough to get out there and fight, Ghost Rider and Claus for instance. The battles were going as planned.


Something went wrong. Suddenly, a giant white angel materialised on the earth’s surface; there was a legion of blue-haired girls materialising from it, and everything they touched, including the very norsemen themselves, turned into the orange liquid LCL (or “Tang”, as named by the community.) Yes folks, these were the infamous Rei Ayanami clones. They quickly turned the tables of the battle and eliminated most of the norsemen as well as innocent civilians.

It turns out that a day before Ragnarok, Gendo Ikari had decided to implement his own end of the world: Instrumentality.

Arc III: The Re-end of EvangelionEdit

Come, sweet deathEdit

Ragnarok was over, the world was no longer uninhabitable, the gods had fought and reverted to their human selves… but the world was still ending, with the Rei’s rampant. They continued to turn everyone into LCL, including people like Ness and even Kamina. There was only one group who stepped up to the plate to defeat this menace – and that was Meta and the League.

But first they needed to know how to beat Rei: so, a newcomer, Honoo Moyuru, watched End of Evangelion with Meta in order to find a weak point.

The League vs. ReiEdit

Meta began an all-out assault on the giant white Rei. Their first move was a nuke from Skull Man; Claus couldn’t aim and the nuke hit Rei’s shoulder instead. The shoulder opened only to reveal more Reis; Meta took the advantage and decided to travel inside Rei with Honoo and Claus.

Within Rei, they found EVA-01 (who had previously appeared in The Nerve of that Nirvash). Honoo opened the mech to find Shinji Ikari, sitting there hopelessly. Honoo, Claus and Meta gave him the ultimate pep-talk (including asking about his infamous masturbation), and Shinji ultimately decided to reject Instrumentality, defeating Rei, killing the clones and saving the world.

The head and limbs of Rei as well as the clone corpses were to be cleaned up by Vice Stigma.

Conclusion: Re-retirementEdit

In the end, people were happy they pulled through, Sword Knight and Shinji put their guilt behind them, and the League was happy to have it’s true leader back. But then Meta Knight pulled a fag move and retired again, because he believed the world didn’t need him (and because Dimentio hated his guts). The farewell was far less depressing.

It wasn't long after he left when things started going awry again.

Fun factsEdit

  • What was essentially a Norse mythological folk tale turned into a Japanese post-apocalyptic tang fest.
  • I don't think any of the pre-destined characters set in the list knew (or cared) about the Reis.
  • The King retired pretty shortly after this plot was over, effectively making DaRoach and Sword Knight the only Kirby characters left in the RP.
  • Meta Knight had already set a new leader for the League... but nobody outside of the League knows who it is.
  • Kumatora had the famous last line of the plot: "DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT SHIT, SON."
  • Shortly following all of this, Sheik returned, apparently from an errand to pick up some Girl Scout cookies. S/He was allegedly sent by King Dedede, but only came back with a box of Shortbreads and Do-ci-dos, everyone's least favorite cookies. They didn't even have any Thinmints left over.


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