Met is a recurring Mechaniloid enemy from the Mega Man series that has a indestructible hard hat. The word Met is derived from the word helmet. They are also called Mettool, Metall, Mettall, and Mettaur. They didn't have an official name in English, changing between the three names through the games until 2004 when the name Mettaur was used in all western Mega Man games since. Their official Japanese name is Metall (メットールMettōru?), with Mettool and similars being mistranslations. They are unofficially called Hard Hats in some strategy guides.

These robots have appeared in almost all of the Mega Man game series, except for the Mega Man Legends series. They mostly appear as enemies, but there are also bosses such as the giant Met in Dr. Wily's castle in Mega Man 4, Metall Daddy. In Mr. X's castle in Mega Man 6 there is a Met boss operating a tank, named Mettonger Z. In Mega Man ZX, there is a giant Met miniboss, named Powmettaur.

RP HistoryEdit

Red Mettool, AKA Reddy, is one of the main mechanics of the Robot Masters. First appearing on Dec 19th 2009, her first job was to fix the destroyed Quickman.

As of late, Reddy hasn't done much aside from mess around in the shop and play with TorrentGirl.