Rei Ayanami
Rei ayanami
If I die, I can be replaced



Tokyo-3, Japan



Rei Ayanami is the mysterious blue-haired girl from Neon Genesis Evangelion. An integral part of the Evangelion mythos, she played a somewhat big part in SARP.


Rei Ayanami was introduced in the first episode of Evangelion, when Shinji refused to pilot EVA-01 in order to save Tokyo-3 from the first Angel. She is characterised as cold, unfeeling and emotionless. As the series progresses, she opens up more to the people important to her, particularly Shinji. She does not value life very much and constantly states that she isn't afraid of death. Later during the series she is "replaced" - a sector within NERV HQ reveals that there are several clones of Rei, and that Rei can easily be transferred or repaired.

In the movie End of Evangelion it is revealed that she is a failed clone of Yui Ikari, Shinji's mother.

RP HistoryEdit

Rei came in at an unknown time, but it is assumed that it was when the Gijinka Virus had finally died out. Shinji joined pretty soon after as a complement to her and Gendo.

Rei exhibited her same old personality to the RP. She often hinted at a person's weaknesses, and even walked right up to people who were far more dangerous than her. People like Io Lillis tried to sympathise, while people like Vice Stigma were general arseholes towards her.

Rei and Shinji were appointed by Gendo to fight against the League of Meta Knights for ownership of NERV - this was never followed through. Later during her lifetime, she developed a grudge towards Dimentio.

During the setup phase of Ragnarok, her clones had been let out. They were of no harm, that is until Gendo finally implemented Instrumentality on the last day - thus, turning them into blue-haired tangifying killing machines.

The real Rei grew to an enormous size, encompassing nearly an entire planet - she had turned into Lilith, the second angel to Adam.

The League, finally free of Gendo's ownership, stopped Rei by conducting a full-fledged assault - and taking Shinji along to reject Instrumentality.

Rei faded out into existence following her defeat - a single spirit of her was left, as if to taunt Shinji.


  • Rei became imfamous for turning people into the orange liquid, LCL - she claimed at least 20 signficant lives.
  • The community named the LCL "Tang".
  • Rei tried to offer LCL as a drink to Dimentio during his grand feast, but he ignored her.
  • Rei had a tenuous connection to King DeDeDe - the penguin PenPen knew him.

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