Renton Thurston
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Mechanic, hero, dork





Eureka Thurston, Anemone Sorel, Dominic Sorel, Holland Novak



Anime OriginEdit

Renton was just a normal kid....sorta. His father was a well known Scientist, and had gone missing after "protecting the world" from what came to be known as the "Summer of love" His sister had gone missing as well. Renton grew up enamored with Lifting culture and idolized the Rebel Faction, Gekko State's leader, Holland Novak

After school one day, during a heated argument with his Grandfather Axel, an LFO crash landed into where he was living, and out of there came the mysterious girl known as Eureka


Generally, Renton, or for that matter practically the entirety of the Gekko state, don't participate in anything of importance and generally keep to themselves. While Eureka's playing with the others, Renton is at his workshop, occasionally checking on his lover to make sure no smelly thieves are trying to assault her.

Fun factsEdit

Renton, or possible his doppelganger, was turned into a toilet for a time. This was a major plot point in the Tour de Isle o' Hags arc.