Rockman X Reloaded X by mgx0

Rockman's most recent Body modifacation for the timeskip......Y'know, minus the stupid dinosaur blaster design.

Mega Man X, or Rockman X (ロックマンエックス Rokkuman Ekkusu?) in the original Japanese version, commonly called "X", is the main protagonist of the Mega Man X series. His main role in the SARP to to mingle among his robot brethren.

Rock Man on SARPEdit

I guess you could say that the Rock Man character first appeared as just plain, old Rock man, but was soon banned, as it was just another Ban evasion of Elemix Zero.

His role in the plots has been rather minimal because his creator is so far out of the loop that sometimes it would be easier to just let somethings go by due to the fact that SARP can sometimes turn into one big clusterfuck, thus making it hard to discern where the center point of the plot is. (Like the Quick x Splash wedding)

Out of Character?Edit

Rock Man is made to be the hero character, but in fact, not a lot of heroics have been put into this RP account, mainly because by the time he gets notification, the plot is over. So he goes off to have a cheerful demeanor and a kind attitude, as do a lot of hero characters....okay, like 65%...but that is still a lot.

So Crashman is gay for rockman?Edit

I really don't want to comment on this. but it is a clever joke, that crash mans puppeteer seems to have temporarily abandoned...but if it is brought back...I think rock will just fuck with Crash mans to speak. (I'll probably regret saying that in the future, won't I?)