"Good luck, Mega Man!"

Dr. Light





Roll is a kind-hearted humanoid Robot Master created by Dr. Light to be a house keeper, helping Dr. Light around the lab. She is the sister of Mega Man and Proto Man. Roll is one of the few female characters in the Mega Man classic series, and the only female Robot Master until Mega Man 9, where Splashwoman was introduced into the series. In spite of her minor roles in the games, Roll is perhaps one of the most special and well-known characters in the entire Mega Man series, and remains a fan-favorite to many. She is especially well-known as the first female character ever in the Mega Man universe.

RP HistoryEdit

The first time that Roll appeared in the RP was during 2008. The original RP account of Roll was made by AxElXrB and his portrayal of her basically fell to the standards of an "Anti-RP" account. AxElXrB's RP account of Roll was eventually banned in October 2009 and it wasn't until May 1st 2010 that the new one (wish was made by David Sledge Brother) finally came.

Christmas Clean-upEdit

Roll was given a cameo in the Yakkowig Christmas Party in A Sheezy Christmas Carol (She was the only Robot Master to appear in that story despite the major prevelance of Mega Man series characters at the time). During that scene, Roll was shown sweeping up the charred remains of Waluigi after he got zapped with Ness's PK Thunder. Moments later, she broke up a fight between Johnny Bravo, Gex Gecko and Travis Touchdown with her Roll Swing attack.

Love(?) LifeEdit

Roll's arrival in May was less than pleasant due to the fact that Iggy Koopa was hitting on her. In their first meeting, Iggy tried to kiss Roll; but she walloped him with her broom. The second time that the two had met, Iggy gave Roll a special broom that he coverted with the ability to fly. Unfortunately, the broom went out of control and sent Iggy and Roll for a wild ride. Luckily, Roll's only injury from the incident was a broken left eye.

Roll also had been dating Dust Man before coming into the SARP. Details of Roll and Dust Man's history as a dating couple haven't been revealed, but both have accepted that they'll be "just friends".