Roy Koopa
Roy Koopa
"Who says that pink ain't a manly color?"



Koopa Kingdom



Roy Koopa (also known as Bully Koopa) is the third oldest of Bowser's eight children. From what has been revealed about Roy's personality, he is more brawn than brains, preferring brute force over thinking things through.

RP HistoryEdit

The burly, shades-wearing Koopa appeared sometime after Welcome to Trevopolis.  Roy hasn't had much plot involvement yet, mostly likely due to the fact that hearing about Splashwoman having a baby gave him a feeling of how stupid things apparently were.  In fact, the only plot that Roy had a major part in is Koopas in Space.

While most of the Koopalings had been scattered through cosmos (mostly due to Dora and Amy) during Koopas in Space, Roy and Ludwig were left behind to guard and repair the Doomship.  Captain Youngblood happens to show up and attempts to comandeer the Doomship.  However, Ludwig and Roy manage to fight him off.

Roy and the other Koopalings later appeared during Minuet Waltz, where they attempted to beat Amy when she went berserk during the wedding.


  • Roy speaks in a Brooklyn accent, just like he did in "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3"
  • He loses his temper when people poke fun at him for being pink.
  • Ludwig is the only one of Roy's siblings that he doesn't mind since both are equally mean.

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