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The Shadow Queen is a major villain and final boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. An ancient demon from the dark beyond, the Shadow Queen came to the Mushroom World with designs on enslaving it and becoming its tyrannical ruler. Prior to the start of the game, she destroyed an ancient civilization and began a conquest on the entire world with the aid of numerous monsters and the Crystal Stars. In the end her plans were ruined and she was sealed away by four heroes within the Thousand-Year Door. The basis of the game revolves around numerous villains working together to revive her. Each of them have their own agenda for doing so though, but the Shadow Queen represents the source of all the conflict for the entire game.

Early InfluenceEdit

In late December 2008, the Shadow Queen tried to enter the RP world by possessing David Sledge Brother. With the unfortunate Koopa as her host, the Shadow Queen vowed to take over the RP world. Unfortunately, her attempts to pose a threat weren't taken seriously and kept on getting pestered by G-modding technicolored hedgehogs. In the end, the Shadow Queen was (supposedly) destroyed in a suicidal move in a fight against Kaitos and what was left of David Sledge Brother was cursed to guard the Star Rod that had been stolen for the sad excuse of a plot.

An Unwelcomed ComebackEdit

After David Sledge Brother had been rescued from the clutches of Silversonic, the League of Meta Knights decided that it was time to go on vacation. David wanted to come with them, but was forced to stay behind since the Shadow Queen had somehow managed to escape from the Underwhere with Nintendo Savi as her new host. The Shadow Queen was silenced once again, but David was left bitter and resentful for being ditched by the League and (somewhat) inadvertedly set "Libera Hameta" into motion.

I Wished Too Hard and She Became RealEdit

In mid-April, the original accounts for the Cornerstone Trio had been ban-hammer'd and Glaceon was left saddened with the departure of his owner. The Shadow Queen finally re-awakened from a period of dormancy within Nintendo Savi and brainwashed the Fresh Snow Pokemon into being her servant. And to make matters worse, the Shadow Queen finally became able to break free from her host body and actually had an RP account made of her. Since the League of Meta Knights wasn't willing to deal with the Shadow Queen, so she spent her time antagonizing Yume Shiromi and The Abyss. The Shadow Queen's puppeteer (some friend of The Calm Minded Tai's) eventually became bored with the character and eveything involved with the Shadow Queen had become undone and she faded into obscurity.

History Repeats ItselfEdit

During late June, Silversonic200 decided to take a crack at portaying the Shadow Queen. During return to the RP World, she had discovered that Queen Jaydes had come into SA RP also. The Shadow Queen attempted to destroy Queen Jaydes in a 1-on-1 fight in an attempt to take Jaydes's role as ruler of the Underwhere, but the fight ended up as a draw.

The Shadow Queen had later discovered that Nate DeSa was being pestered by Wendy O. Koopa's attraction towards him. The Shadow Queen decided to "help" Nate by killing Wendy (ultimately, the Koopa Princess met her demise by getting knocked into Trevor Robert's lair). Nate made an attempt to rescue Wendy from Trevor, but to no avail. Then, completely out of the blue, The Shadow Queen had taken over Trevor's E-Bots and had them attack the adolescent scientist. At that point, Nate came to the Palace of Shadow to confront the Shadow Queen. While the fiery red-headed did indeed beat the shit out of the Shadow Queen, details on who ultimately defeated her that time are somewhat unclear (but it's most likely that that was Nate DeSa or Luigi Mario).

The Nightmare EndsEdit

The Shadow Queen had made random appearance throughout the next few months, but without doing anything of note until she finally decided to lock herself up in her Palace for all eternity.

The Nightmare was Back!?!Edit

Well, sort of.

During the "Ille Finis" sub-plot, she was seen possessing Sheik. According to Magus, this event was part of his own nefarious plans to power up the game of Reality, a "game" played by the forces of Chaos and Order, that is, Magus and Tomis, respectively. The game was powered by the perfectly amplified shadow powers of Zorc Necrophades (Bakura) which were channeled through the Shadow Queen's amplification abilities, which were made perfect through her posession of Sheik. "But how was the game powered by the Shadow Queen if it is already happening?" you ask? Well, Magus explains this as a "confusing relativity thing," and that's probably the best explanation of it.

However, after Gregg reset everything following the events of Magus's suicide at the end of the "Ille Finis" sub-plot, Sheik appeared to be free of the Shadow Queen's posession.


  • Worst. Villain. Ever.
  • Yet despite this, she has influenced a wave of SARP villians

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