Sheik of the Sheikahs
Captain of the League of Meta Knights






Arguably the most in-character account in the entire SARP, Sheik's running gag is that everyone but Sheik seems to know that s/he's actually Princess Zelda.

It stopped being funny about two weeks after the account was created.

Sheik's "Backstory"Edit

Seven years ago, Ganondorf Dragmire, Thief King of the Gerudos, invaded the Sacred Realm and took over Hyrule. In an attempt to save Princess Zelda, Impa took the princess on horseback away from Hyrule, making sure that Link got the Ocarina of Time on their way out. In a further attempt to protect Zelda from the Great King of Evil's clutches, Impa wiped her mind of any and all memories as the princess and gave her a new identity: Sheik, the Survivor of the Sheikahs. Since Zelda is the Sage of Time and the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom, so is Sheik.

Ever since then, Sheik's been training for three years with Impa and questing for four years to find the Six Sacred Melodies and release Rauru as the Sage of Light. Now, the Hero of Time has awoken, and it's all Sheik will talk about.

As of late, s/he seems more interested in Kamui Gakupo, being better than Ghost Rider at Hi-Ho Cherrio, and making poetry. Though the Hero of Time takes up some of his/her speech too.

Sheik's Activity in the Sheezy Art Role PlayEdit


After seeing the Giygas, Claus, Game and Watch, Meta Knight, Daroach, and King Triple De accounts come into existence, Kodfish decided it would be cool if he made a video game account, too. He thought this up during band practice one morning and made up a poem during Algebra II to start the account up instead of learning about oblique asymptotes, a poem which is still the best poem Sheik has on the account. Sheik apparently wasn't interested in the main RP stuff during the now-called "Golden Age" of SARP, and took absolutely no place in that first war nor in The League of Metaknights until about half a year later when s/he realized that the Hero of Time wasn't doing jack squat and decided to have some fun in the League half a year later.

Now s/he's a captain.


A Captain of the League of Meta Knights, and the leader of the "Plothole Patrol Four," which has currently disbanded until further notice.

Sheik was killed before the Party Poopers plot by Kefka, and therefore saved the SARP from the horrible curse that was Libra Hameta through death. It was kind of worth it.


  • Still won't shut up about the Hero of Time
  • The inventor of "Ellipse abuse"
  • Super polite
  • Apparently in a relationship with Kamui Gakupo, but he's been inactive for a while now. Not that that matters much. After all, s/he waited for the Hero of Time for seven years, so what's a couple months?
  • Is a bit of a narcissist, though will deny it if asked
  • Is a ninja, and therefore hates everything pirate-related.

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