Shin Akuma
Akuma sf4
Akuma as he appeared in Street Fighter 4.






First off, the stuff that is known......sorta:

Akuma (in Japanese, "devil") known in Japan as Gouki (豪鬼?), is a video game character from the Street Fighter series of fighting games. Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret character and hidden boss. In the storyline of the Street Fighter video games, he is the younger brother of Ryu and Ken's sensei Gouken. In some games he also has an enhanced version named Shin Akuma, or Shin Gouki (真・豪鬼?, The "True Gouki") in Japanese. Storywise, Shin Akuma is merely Akuma using the full extent of his power, compared to the "in-game" version which is Akuma voluntarily holding back his power to avoid ending fights prematurely.

Shin Akuma, or just Akuma, is the first fully active Street Fighter account in the SARP.

The Arrival Edit

Akuma made a very silent arrival into the SARP. He was created by Bass X. He never participated in any of the current plots, and was portrayed merely as a warrior seeking a stronger fight. A man that sought no allies; no comfort in the company of others. A complete lone wolf.

The First Battle/vs. Gorgutz Edit

During the White Liquid plot, a fierce battle ensued between a few of the Robot Masters and the Ork, Gorgutz. The battle caught the attention of Akuma, who decided to intervene, inadvertently assisting the Robot Masters. Akuma attacked Gorgutz with all his might, even being forced to use his "True" form against him. In the end, Gorgutz fled from the battle/gotbored, forcing Akuma to take his first victory by forfeit.


During the aftermath of the battle, Splashwoman insisted she heal his wounds. In return, Shin Akuma made a vow that he would repay her in kind.

The Second Battle/vs. Exdeath Edit

Feeling great dissatisfaction with his battle with Gorgutz, Akuma awaited his next challenge. It came in the warlock, Exdeath.

The ancient Warlock, Exdeath

The ancient wizard boasted superiority over the Master of the Fist, and sought only to absorb Akuma in the endless reaches of the Void. Akuma was unamused by his threats, but accepted his challenge nonetheless.

The battle that ensued was one that not even Akuma himself was prepared for. Caught off-guard by Exdeath's magic, Akuma once again decided not to hold back. He threw everything he had at the warlock, with his opponent matching him move for move. Akuma began to suspect that he had finally found his ultimate challenge: the one that would kill him in battle.

However, it was not meant to be. Shin Akuma caught Exdeah off guard, finishing him off with a Shin Shungokusatsu. Though Exdeath did eventually walk away from the battleground, it was Akuma that proved his superiority, thus signaling his second, yet first major victory.

The Third Battle/vs. Kirby Edit

Wandering about, he came across the creature known as Kirby. The little pink ball did not amuse him, until Kirby challenged him to a fight. Akuma decided to humor him, and accepted.
Ssb-p kirby-2

Kirby, Hero of Popstar

Akuma dominated the fight early, until he witnessed a sum of Kirby's power when he inhaled one of Akuma's projectiles. Eating the Gouhadouken gave him the Martial Arts ability, enabling Kirby to stand a better chance. Akuma's interest grew...

As the battle continued, Akuma managed to strike him with the Shungokusatsu. To his shock, Kirby survived the one-thousand blows, merely losing his Martial Arts ability. However, Kirby didn't last much longer. Akuma grabbed him, squishing him with a thunderous Kongo Kuretsuzan. Kirby "Game'd Over".

After reappearing, he wanted to fight Akuma again. Akuma turned down the fight, stating that he will only fight him once he becomes stronger. He left, looking for his next challenge.

The Fourth Battle(Trevor Plot)/vs. Quickman DWN 012 Edit

Sometime later, the scientist known as Trevor found an ancient artifact that emitted a peculiar negative energy. Using this tome, he corrupted the Satsui no Hadou in Akuma, turning him into a crazed destroyer. His usual red ki was now a deep purple, and his eyes now were black and soulless. He had become a new level of Shin Akuma, and Trevor's personal assassin.

Quickman DWN 012, the fastest of the Robot Masters

His first target was the Robot Master Splashwoman. Sensing a strong energy in her, he was compelled to fight and kill her in battle. Splashwoman ran for her life, but Shin Akuma was in hot pursuit. He stalked the frightened robot woman, repeatedly claiming to her, "Ye of the Strong...Stand and fight!!".

As he prepared to strike her, she was saved by a sneak attack from her lover, Quickman DWN 012. Shin Akuma became enraged by this, and brutally assaulted Quickman with a fatal Shin Shungokusatsu. Quickman fell to the attack, his body nearly torn to shreds. Shin Akuma left him for dead in the arms of a distraught Splashwoman. In this rageful act, he claimed his 4th victory.

The Fifth Battle(Trevor Plot)/vs. Sword Knight Edit


Sword Knight, the Blade of Honor

Not long after decimating Quickman, Shin Akuma was ordered to assault Meta Knight's apprentice, Sword Knight. He caught the tiny swordsman completely off-guard, easily defeating him. In a strange act of compassion, Akuma took the body of Sword Knight, leaving him near to Robot Master base in the care of Splashwoman.

The Sixth Battle(Trevor Plot)/vs. Iwao Serizawa Edit

Long after the drama of the Trevor plot, Akuma had come into contact with a spirit woman named Amami Serizawa. Though many had told the specter of her grotesque appearance, it did not turn Akuma's sight away. He knew too well the legends of the Kuchisake-Onna, but Akuma is a man that does not scare easily.

Soon the legend came full-circle, as the jealous husband, Iwao Serizawa, appeared to drag his wife back to hell with him.

Iwao Serizawa

Shockingly, Akuma came to Amami's aid, challenging the evil samurai with Amami's freedom at stake.

Unfortunately for Iwao, the years he spent rotting in Hell did not serve him well. His body was weak and decayed, and each blow from Akuma was a near fatal one. However, Iwao wasn't about to be denied his vengeance, and, in an unexpected move, impaled Akuma on one of his blades.

Akuma was quickly dying. Seething through the pain, he managed to destroy the ghostly samurai's body with a Shungokusatsu. Iwao's spirit was forced back into Hell, with Akuma taking the victory.

The Raging Demon was taken under Amami's care. Using an herbal medicine given to her by a friend, she actually saved Akuma's life. He has never forgotten this act of kindness, and implored the spirit woman to follow him if she so desired. To this day, the two have become inseparable.

The Seventh Battle(Trevor Plot)/vs. Solar Z Edit

While enjoying the company of Amami, a young warrior/echidna/...something named Solar Z approached Akuma. Claiming that he sought to better himself in battle, he challenged Akuma to a fight. Though Amami spoke against it, he accepted the young boy's invitation nonetheless.

SZ showed tremendous potential, impressing Akuma greatly. For everyone move Akuma threw at him, Solar Z seemed to be analyzing him. The Raging Demon decided that he could use his full power against him. As Akuma leapt at him for another attack, he shifted into "Shin" form in mid-air, catching SZ completely off guard.

The boy continued to pressure Akuma with more attacks. However, Akuma could tell he was starting to reach his limit. With one final move, Akuma finished him with a Shungokusatsu, letting the boy survive the blow. In a sign of respect, Akuma told him to challenge him once he had grown stronger. Up until this point, Solar Z had provided Akuma with his best challenge.

Thus heralded Akuma's seventh victory. He was still undefeated.

The Eighth Battle(Trevor Plot)/vs. Groove Guy Edit this is how this went down.

-Groove Guy appears, and puts him and Akuma on a stage.

-a giant puppet appears. Paper Mario style battle occurs.

-Akuma does nothing for most of the battle, taking the hits.

-Akuma's Revenge Gauge(ala SF 4) begins to fill

-Groove Guy is completely unaware of said gauge

-Akuma unleashes a Shin Shungokusatsu on the giant puppet, destroying it.

-Groove Guy gives Akuma a look-alike puppet and box of chocolates. Akuma thanks Groove Guy by grabbing, exclaiming "Don't ever do that again", and flinging him into the horizon.

Akuma then proceeded to give said chocolates and puppet to Amami.


Akuma wins, bitches.

The Ninth Battle/vs. General Dahlia Edit

By this time, the tyranny caused by the boy scientist Trevor Roberts had ended. Akuma, feeling a little shunned from his battle being taken from him, left the Underground Resistance that he temporarily joined. Trevor and Yume had fled into hiding, leaving Akuma with no one left to challenge. Instead, he broke away from the battlefield, happily giving his full devotion to Amami.

Some time later, Akuma had an encounter with the one armed general, Dahlia. Akuma sensed great turmoil within the woman, and wondered what drove her to fight. After a short discussion, he knew the way for her to find her answer. Leading her to an empty room in the Underground, he challenged her to a fight.

He was not prepared for this fighter.

Dahlia attacked with a ferocity that he had not seen in a long time. The woman fought as if death were attempting to drag her down into the depths. This made Akuma ecstatic, and he answered Dahlia's attacks in kind. However, not even the Master of the Fist could foresee the combat brilliance of General Dahlia. She caught him completely off-guard with her masterful use of the rapier, pistol, and wakizashi. Akuma become heavily wounded by these weapons, but still refused to back down from her.

Pushed to the brink, Akuma unleashed his full power upon her. Though Dahlia continued to fight hard, this new power did not let her focus falter. She continued to match Akuma move for move, even successfully dodging the dreaded Misogi. However, the battle could not last forever, and Dahlia made a fatal slip-up, allowing Shin Akuma to finish her with a Shungokusatsu.

Though Akuma used the Shungokusatsu at its peak, he was amazed and somehow glad that Dahlia survived the technique. Helping her to her feet, he gave her a medical herb that would quickly heal her wounds from the Shungokusatsu. Before leaving, he expressed that she, to this day, has been his greatest challenge.

In this battle, Dahlia earned something that no other warrior has earned: Akuma's respect.

Akuma steadily approached his tenth battle..his prestige beginning to grow further......

The Tenth Battle/vs. Vile Edit

Akuma's companion, Amami Serizawa, was known for her strange, child-like behavior. In one instance, she stole the treasured hat of Daroach, The Gentleman Thief. In doing so, Daroach became distressed and desperate. Eventually, he acquired the services of the bounty hunter Maverick, Vile.

Vile searched high and low, eventually finding Amami. He quickly took her captive. Rhoswen Danu quickly sought out Akuma, who, to say the least, was extremely displeased with news of Amami's capture. Sensing her ethereal ki, he soon encountered the wily Maverick, who still had Amami in his clutches.

Akuma did not take kindly to Vile's handling of his companion, and viciously attacked him. Vile attempted to fight back, even taking to the sky via use of his booster back. However, not even the skies were safe from the wrath of the Raging Demon. Eventually, he brought Vile down, violently striking him with the Misogi.

After the battle, he took DaRoach's hat, tossed it onto Vile's broken body, and left with Amami.

The Eleventh Battle/vs. Dr. Wily....sort of Edit

Alot of time had passed, and Akuma and Amami's companionship had grown into a deep caring for each other. Not a moment passed that they didn't spend together.

One day, the chime of wedding bells filled the air. dumbasses not Akuma and Amami's wedding...

The bells rung for none other than the happy couple of Quickman DWN 012 and Splashwoman DRN O67. After much drama and debate, Quickman was fed up with waiting, and wanted to be his beloved's forever. She happily obliged, and the wedding was on.

..that is after everyone sobered up after a helluva bachelor/bachlorette pary.

The happy day came, and almost everyone in the SARP joined to support the soon to be wed robot masters. However, one particular individual did not wish to see this union occur, and that was Quickman's own creator: Dr. Wily!! (DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!)

Akuma(looking very sharp in his tux and shades/blames Amami), who was sitting in one of the front pews, grew tired of the old man's ramblings. He insisted(and by insisted, I mean grabbing him by the mustache)that Wily join him in the pew, and let the two lovers have their happy moment. Wily however, had other plans.

The mad doctor proceeded to wreck part of the wedding, forcing Akuma to step in. Wily was unamused, ordering his hovercraft to fire upon Akuma.

...the blast only burnt part of Akuma's $5000 tux.

Slowly taking off his jacket, his shades, and rolling up his sleeves, Akuma approached the now nervous doctor, asking him "Do you know how it feels to fly without your machinations?". Wily stammered out an obvious "no", allowing Akuma to respond with a monsterous Goushouryuken. The force of the impact sent Wily flying from the building into the horizon. Akuma exclaimed to Splashwoman that their debt was settled, and urged the wedding to proceed.

Quickman and Splashwoman sealed their vows with a kiss, and the two are now happily married with 4 children.


Yes, Akuma defeated the dreaded Dr. Wily in one blow.

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