Wolfe O'Dane

Wolfe O'Dane is the original character of the Sheezy Art user The Red Death (TRD). Wolfe was the main hero in an epic fantasy novel called "Runesing" that his creator had started writing in 2002, and the novel reached an insane 400+ pages in length before he had given up on it due to changes in ideas and writing style. Recently, however, he penned a summary/ending for the story and submitted it to SA, mostly to "give it some closure and give the people in the tale the proper ending and farewell they deserved". Although any hope of getting the story published is gone, Wolfe and the gang still entertains The Red Death's friends and family whenever a campfire moment for storytelling occurs.

After finishing the "ending", Sir Blade Wolfe (the knighted name for Wolfe O'Dane) was introduced to the RP, mostly for shits and giggles. He was, as Red Death describes, "the perfect atypical Paladin: good and humble and never greedy, but he wasn't 'have at thee!' and such with how he spoke".

After being tossed into the RP, Wolfe O'Dane seemed to have exploded (completely catching TRD offguard) in how involved he became in the RP. He was not expected to be more than a joke account, but is now somewhat involved.

About Wolfe...Edit

Wolfe O'Dane is a kind-hearted man who goes out of his way to help folk and is just in his actions. A man with simple tastes, the biggest treat ever to him is fried catfish and french-friend potato wedges. You make him that dish, and you are his best friend. Although not the most educated man on the land, he is fairly bright.

Wolfe was raised as a farmer in a marsh nation called Bergreaux, which was located on the coastline of the continent Terlanas, the largest landmass in the story's world. After several events following his drafting into the land's army in the Heavy Saber Division (where he got the nickname Blade Wolfe), he would eventually be led by dreams and visions to a Necropolis where the First Paladin lay buried, along with the holy sword called Runesing. The First Paladin, Seno'el, was involved in a war long ago against the demonic army called the Dark, and was slain in the battle where he mortally wounded the Dark King Efil with Runesing. Now that the Dark was coming back and causing the very wars Wolfe had been in, Seno'el had called Wolfe to the Necropolis, he was informed that he was pure in heart enough to become the Second Paladin and stop Efil again with the holy sword.

Having been chosen to be the Paladin and wielder of the story's namesake, Wolfe became the pain in the ass for the story's villains. In the story, the sword's power lies in the fact that its strikes can not only kill a demon (the typical bad guy in the story) physically, but also their spiritual selves as well, effectively erasing that evil spirit from existence. In the novel, demons can become physical and can be killed by weapons, but their spirits can "come back" into a new body after some time, usually a day later and with the full knowledge of what happened. Runesing was the only way to keep them down and out, and in the story's climax, Wolfe manages to slay Efil, the King of the Dark (the demons) and effectively end the threat they posed to the world of Terlanas during the epic battle where the Paladin and the mage group known as the Elementalists took on the demon in combat.

During the story, he met and married a woman named Ravyn O'Neil, who was a key figure in the novel, as the Dark needed her blood to be able to revive Efil and bring him back to the physcial world. The last of a certain race with the "enchanted blood", she was bled nearly to death for it, but survived and is now living with her husband Wolfe at the very farm he was raised as child.

Kids are on the way....

The Paladin's Biggest Role in the RP....Edit


Wolfe turned into a kid!

Wolfe was in the RP to pretty much enjoy a vacation there. Alas, as Paladin, who would not let people suffer, and when Doctor Facilier started his havoc on the RP, Wolfe used his healing powers obtained from his sword Runesing to remove the Voodoo curses, wanting to foil the evil man's plans. But at times, Wolfe could not fully destroy the curses, and being the typical man who put others before himself, he would transfer the affliction from the victim and onto himself in order to relieve folk. Despite Wolfe having to deal with the curse for a short duration because of the dampening effects of Runesing's power, it still resulted in some hilarious situations, with Wolfe...

-Being colorblind and deaf when he removed those ailments from Shadeki. Hearing-loss jokes ensued.

-He became 12-years old when he removed the curse that turned Blade Man into a human baby. Runesing negated enough of the curse so where Wolfe only became a kid instead of a baby.

-He lost the ability to laugh when he healed Nate of the problem.

Despite the issues, he never really regretted taking them on, as it is something he just does. Finally, when a vampire named Dragomira helped him by removing the curses from his body, Wolfe was then able to take Maverick Dynamo, who had been given dark and godlike power by the voodoo doctor and was sent to kill Wolfe. During the fight, Wolfe managed to slash Dynamo, and Runesing's powers caused the Maverick to be consumed in endless and agonizing pain as his infinite DARK power began burning feverishly, leaving the robot dying. Wolfe then told him that Dynamo could live in eternal torment or "bleed out" the dark powers and help end Doctor Facilier's mayhem.

Dynamo agreed to help, and the whole RP seemed to rally behind Wolfe when he returned from the fight injured and deeply vengeful against Doctor Facilier. After helping organize and rally folk, Wolfe healed a few more folk of voodoo ailments. Later that day, the Doctor was defeated.

Cue fanfare.


  • Wolfe is a cheap drunk.

    Wolfe after two beers...

  • His wife, Ravyn, is a master thief, and much chaos ensued when she pickpocketed folk at a party he held.
  • He is afraid of Shutter-Shades....
  • His outfit is based off of the typical armor of a Crusader, complete with the shield.
  • He is ashamed that he is addicted to Reese's peanutbutter cups.
  • Wolfe and Cpt. Samuel Norton of General Dahlia's story universe hate each other.