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Slaanesh is the Warhammer 40k Chaos god of lust, excess, pleasure, perfection and hedonism as well as pretty much being the embodiment of pleasure. There are many cults dedicated to Slaanesh as well as 3 Space Marine legions, with these legions come the fearsome Noise Marines, who have powerful sonic weapons. The practices of these cults are often around feeling new things and enjoying new joys. Oh, and sex. Lots of sex. The Imperium of man bans all knowledge of Slaanesh and has Inquistors who are often hunting Slaanesh cult members (along with cult members of other Chaos gods). Slaanesh is noted to be extremely powerful by being a god, and a god that killed the Eldar's god as soon as he/she/it was born. Slaanesh doesn't care about fighting, though. This account is currently under the control of Mettic, who probably made it because he didn't want to risk screwing up a Sarah Kerrigan account. Man, screw that. A Sarah Kerrigan account would be ballin'

Not too abysmal by Mr Culexus
Gender Both. (Don't ask)
Homeland The warp, palace of Slaanesh
Race Chaos Deity

About Slaanesh Edit

Slaanesh's birth Edit

Slaanesh was born at the start of the Fall of the Eldar, as well as the one who started it. Slaanesh was born due to the many pleasure cults spawned by the Eldar, who though so many acts created Slaanesh. Right then and there, Slaanesh tore open a hole though space creating the Eye of Terror. Slaanesh started taking the souls of thousands of Eldar and killing their gods. To this day, very few Eldar are left and are only kept alive by putting their souls in spirit stones (regular Eldar) or drink the souls of others to keep alive (Dark Eldar), and the only gods left of their culture is Isha (Taken by Nurgle), Khaine (shattered into hundreds of pieces forming the Avatars of Khaine) and the laughing god (escaped)

Afterwords Edit

Slaanesh then moved on to using humans for it's own deeds. It also takes great pride in taking Eldar souls. Slaanesh was also able to capture 3 different Space Marine Chapters, most noticably the "Emperor's Children"


What it does Edit

Slaanesh came to SARP for simply chaos and a good time. It decided not to capture the planet and "let that jock Khorne or the nerd Tzeentch" do that. He does goes around and get people to sign a contract that grants the signer a wish, but loses their soul. If they know about the losing their soul part is most of the time a "no". It also tries to sex everyone. And I mean, everyone.

Souls Slaanesh as taken Edit

Facts Edit

  • Loathes the Chaos God Khorne (not on SARP)
  • Slaanesh is not the only Chaos God on SARP, there is also Tzeentch, though he is not as active.
  • Likes guessing people's fetishes
  • Also hates Shin Akuma because of his stubborn uncaring for pleasure and sex
  • Often sees things as a subtle fetish or porno, mostly names of journals and arts.