Steelix is #208 of the 493 Pokémon from the popular game series of the same name. The account was created by Terrence Noctra.

Species infoEdit

Steelix is a giant Iron Snake Pokémon, and a dual type (Steel/Ground). It evolves from the Rock/Ground type Pokemon, Onix, via trading it with a Metal Coat. This was the only way to obtain it until Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, where Steelix can often been found in the wild, usually in caves. Its body is even harder than diamond, and, fittingly, its base Defense is the second highest of all Pokémon.

Steelix is one of the largest Pokemon in existence, its 30-foot length only topped by Wailord.

Character HistoryEdit

Steelix have made several appearences in the animated series. Among others, they have been seen under the ownership of Brock, Byron and Jasmine.


Not much is known about Steelix's exploits prior to his entering the SARP. However, a conversation between Steelix and Shadeki reveals that he used to have a trainer. According to Steelix, he was a generally good person, but a lousy Trainer. He also states that the trainer had an affinity for machines, and that he died via electrocution.

RP HistoryEdit

Steelix hasn't done much in the RP, having recently joined. However, he has found a trainer in the least likely of people: ExDeath. Exdeath gave Steelix the important (to him, anyway) job of managing the sandwich slaves.

RP PersonalityEdit

Steelix is shown through his conflicts with various characters (most of them Pokemon) to be easily irritable, as well as rude, brutish and violent. He also seems to be quite heartless, showing no remorse at being told to beat Exdeath's sandwich-making slaves in order to "motivate" them. On that note, he displays a similar lack of sympathy at the concept of killing them in the process (as he would be using his tail for said beatings). Steelix has also displayed a lack of patience for those whom he deemed to be idiots. So far, the only other people he has shown respect toward are Shadeki (due to their common hatred of fire) and Registeel (due to them being Steel-types).

Steelix speaks in bold lettering, similar to the most recent portrayal of King Koopa.


  • Out of the four moves he knows, Steelix's personal favorite is Iron Tail.
  • His least favorite types are Fire and Water (for obvious reasons).
  • Steelix is very proud of his power and size.
  • Due to Steelix's evolution method covering it's body in metal, his segments are often mistaken for rocks by others, annoying him to no end.
  • Despite both him and Haunter being Pokemon, Steelix cannot understand him; this would actually make sense to a point, as Haunter's personailty is based mostly off its first appearance in the Pokemon series, while all other Pokemon in the RP speak the human language.