Tabuu Edit

Tabuu was the final boss of the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a game where some of the original members of the SARP come from. He was also one of the captains for The League of Metaknights.

Tabuu and his life (Can now be bought at your local barnes and nobels.) Edit

Humble beginnings Edit

Tabuu, then owned by user Triple Q, was not much when he came out. He simply went to page to page offwaving everyone without a word. It was then QQQ got bored of him and gave him to user Mettic who decided not to try the boring"OFFWAVE EVERYONE" and give him a personality, and that's where he truly began.

So what the fuck happened after that? Edit

Afterwords, he began talking to people. Though, he really wasn't much better then getting offwaved as he was a complete asshole. He seemed to have a hate for just about everyone, and yet still somehow found his way as a captain of League.

Mods </3 Tabuu Edit

Due to a "accident" with furries and user Mettic, Mettic got banned, and with that, Tabuu for "ban evasion". Plot wise, it was said that Sheik ripped his head off because Tabuu said he "You're too slow" (Just guess). Mettic tried to mess with the mods and got QQQ to try to bring back Tabuu, making the "Tabuu SSBB" account. This lasted a few weeks until he was banned again.

Fire and forget Edit

Tabuu moved the "THE Tabuu" , which was played by Mettic and scapegoated once again by Triple Q.

Did mods believe that QQQ is actually Tabuu? Yes, because he was seldom active. After a transfer of Tabuu to user The Red Death, Tabuu was soon forgotten and unretrievable.

Tabuu these daysEdit

Tabuu came back as Goddamn Tabuu during Ragnarok (after Claus bribing him). Once again he is dormant, but this time, there's a surefire way of remembering his password should we need to bring em out.

(Mettic was too busy on King Dedede anyways)

Facts about Tabuu Edit

  • He hates Hedgehogs with a passion, mostly "THAT" hedgehog. He says it's because they break his wings and that wings can't be fixed easily
  • He is more then likely planning to kill everyone when their backs are turned, but it probably won't happen because that'd take effort.
  • An even lesser known fact is that he is still somewhat angry at Metaknight because he killed his Subspace captain Golem. Supposedly, the two were best bros.
  • Even though he was a captain of the League of Metaknights and as been in most of the plots, they have all been rather minor roles. These mostly range from attempting to Offwave the badguy, but something happens, to just hanging around (and probably making fun of people)