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Tankred is a dreadnought of the Black Templars Space Marine chapter from the Warhammer 40K comic Damnation crusade. Dreadnoughts are massive war-machines which are given to near dead Space Marines of impressive talent to keep fighting. Tankred was on SARP originally for cleansing in the name of the Emperor, but ended up falling asleep for a while. When he awoke, his Black Templar battle brothers left him, believing that he had died. Tankred now searches for a way off planet and back to his Black Templar brothers. He is armed with a massive Assault Cannon and a powerful Dreadnought close combat weapon. Tankred endures.

Black Templar Dreadnought
Gender Male (techinally speaking)
Homeland Unknown
Race Dreadnought/human

Tankred and SARP Edit

Tankred's "crusade" Edit

Tankred one day brought himself to SARP and wasn't too active at first. He talked like THIS ALL THE TIME and just kinda went around praising the God-Emperor of Mankind and that he was "Going to cleanse all the xenos here". Unfortantly, 90% of League of Meta Knights was made of nonhumans.


Then it came. He found Shapeshifter Mimi and believed her to be a filthy Slaanesh sorcerer and went on to hunt her until she was cleansed. His hunt for her was unbelieve, doing acts to unseen before to kill her, even to the point of jumping out of a droppod (which was still falling) to hit her with the most badass midair bitchslap ever. It was around then that her current lover, Claus, came to stop Tankred. Tankred refused to attack Claus, because he would not attack a human child (Though it is unknown why he wouldn't attack him for protecting the foul forces of Chaos). Tankred endured Claus's attacks until he got bored and left. It seems things have boiled down between him, Claus, and Mimi.

Facts Edit

  • Tankred has not been in any major plot, aside from a few cameos here and there. Metaknight did say that he was going to be a major player in Wish/Libera Timeskip, but I'm pretty sure we know what happened there.
  • Tankred is possibly the oldest character on SARP (Not by join date but by the character's age), and is over 200 years old. There is no real age for Tankred, but like most dreadnoughts, he is very old.
  • He is also possibly the largest of the SARP characters. Statistics for his size is not know, but he is around 14-16 feet tall.
  • Tankred defeated a Chaos Daemon Prince in combat alone, an very impressive act even for a Dreadnought, something of which took a nuke to defeat in a minor plot with The Inquistor and the robot masters