Ty-yuru (Tay)

Male, but sometimes Female





General InformationEdit

To start off, Tay has already tried to commit suicide, in and out of the RP several times. He even has the scars to prove it. He's quiet and nervous most of the time, unless he's drunk. He's an alcoholic, but he likes to keep it to himself, because when he doesn't, he tends to sex people up.

His only defenses are the fact that it's really damn hard to kill him and that he's a giant, 350-pound dog.

RP HistoryEdit

He originally came into the RP in November. His only purpose was to keep his "mom", Ikuga, out of trouble. He failed at that when Ikuga became Ike and went around having sex with everything. In the first couple days of being here, Tay also met his father for the first time, Jack Wilkinson.

Tay has been generally useless, except for occasionally cheering people up.

He went feral, once. Then, he disappeared and came back with a black eye.