The Lich King sitting on his Frozen Throne. Image is copyright to Blizzard Entertainment Inc. ©

Originally created by the user Dark King Ridley in an attempt to bash trolls under a different name, The Lich King is the self-proclaimed prince of darkness (we all know Ozzy's got him beat) He wields a blade of dark powers known as Frostmourne, with which he has the ability to absorb a being's soul. He resides in Icecrown Citadel (currently unkillable) preparing his armies. During some quests and dungeons in-game, the player is either able to see him or he approaches the player's kill target, reveals some plot, and leaves once again.

Beginnings as a Villain Edit

The Lich King really only took his beginning as a villain around the time Lord Dracula began forming an army. The Lich King had hoped to control the world, and siding with Dracula and betraying him later would be the best way to go about it. His plan was put on hold, as Dracula was sealed away in his throne by a fallen angel named Xero Kaine. Not aware that his own sword Frostmourne was used in this process, the Lich King went off in search of artifacts to increase his own power, but claimed he went to search for Dracula's artifacts.

The Lich King's Personality Edit

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"After his corruption, in Warcraft III and TFT Undead campaigns, Arthas retains his leadership qualities as well as his wit, yet his sense of humor becomes extremely grim as he changes into the opposite of his former self, an extremely ruthless, cynical person. As a soulless Death Knight, Arthas seems to enjoy what he's doing, not above mocking and taunting his enemies and gloating over their defeat. In the beginning of the Undead campaign, he is surprised that he no longer can feel pity or remorse, that soon explained to him losing his soul to Frostmourne."

Death and Rebirth of the Lich King Edit

During a battle with Lindsey Sead The Lich King's powers were quelled and Arthas Menethil reawakened. For a short while, he had returned to being a hero, having his Frostmourne blade reborn into a blade of light. (which I conveniently named Lightbourne)

During his time as a human, he ended up hitting on Lindsey Sead (fuck me and my past stupidity) and ended up stirring up much controversy.

In a convenient conversation between Arthas and Lindsey Sead where Arthas tried to adopt Lindsey as his child, claiming all she needs is a loving family, conveniently put in place by the controllers of each, Dark King Ridley and Cray, The Lich King gained control of the body once more.

The Death of Arthas Menethil Edit

In a battle that occurred after this conversation between Lord Dracula and Rhoswen Danu, one of the Fetch Characters, Rhoswen used Dracula's power of Dominus against him, and rather Rhoswen's soul being destroyed, Arthas gave himself up for her, and gave her Lightbourne to finish off Dracula. Dracula, of course, was revived by The Lich King, the body now fully in the control of the Lich Ner'Zhul, and, as stated before, sealed in his throne with Frostmourne itself.

The Lich King's Powers Edit

The Lich King, calling himself the "prince of darkness," does very well have many dark powers. Basically, he has buffed up versions of most of the Death Knight attacks, plus his sword's ability to take souls.