The Nerve of That Nirvash
the "Trinity" of super robots (left to right); R2-D2, Brobot L-Type and Evangelion-01
Release date

April 10, 2010

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Anti Guy


Kefka, Mr. L

The Nerve of that Nirvash is a subplot written by Meta Knight. It happens during Party Poopers and provides insight in some of it's happenings, specifically Kefka's motivation and the fate of Anti Guy and the Nirvash. The Nerve of that Nirvash was included in the Party Poopers: Afterparty Edition package.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Nirvash, go!Edit

The story starts at Party Poopers #2, where Eureka went to see Anti Guy who was repainting the Nirvash in the League's garage. Anti Guy somehow gets the Nirvash working and sets off to grab some snacks and pizza.

Adventures in the lane less travelledEdit

Anti Guy pretty much had the driving skill of an elderly asian when it came to piloting the Nirvash. The mech steers its way into the Downtown Cappy District, and instantly alerts the Cappy Police Force. Officer Bookem, leader of the police, decides to summon to entire police force to attempt to stop the Nirvash (and annoys Tomis Tel Aviv in the process.) Their efforts are in vain as Anti Guy manages to switch from the Nirvash's car form to it's robot form. The police force flees for their life and Bookem is squished by the Nirvash.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is informed of the police's downfall. The figure decides to send out "The Trinity".

Clock says; Party Time!Edit

The scene cuts to Sephiroth and Kefka at a cafe, sipping on tea and having idle chatter. Kefka considers reviving his career as a villain, but says he'll only do it "once midgets pilot giant robots". Concidence shines on him as Anti Guy stomps by on the Nirvash, and asks them if they want to go to the party. Kefka heartily agrees.

A Cruel Shyguy's ThesisEdit

Anti Guy finally finds the pizza parlor, but when he picks it up, he is met with the mayor of the city, Gordo. Gordo summons "the Trinity", three giant super robots which he uses to protect the city; R2-D2, the Brobot L-Type, and Evangelion-01.

Evangelion-01, piloted by Shinji Ikari, decides to charge in first. Anti Guy jumps out of the Nirvash and slingshots EVA-01 with a small rock, causing severe cranial damage. Shinji is unable to pilot, and Misato in a nearby control panel asks Rei if she can pilot EVA-01; Rei responds modestly with a trollface.

The Brobot is the next to face off against Anti Guy. Mr. L, an ex-League captain, expresses his distaste for the League just forgetting about him, and vows to get revenge. The Brobot launches a bunch of missiles, and the Nirvash responds with a bunch of it's own. A huge explosion ensues...

The electric slideEdit

The Nirvash emerges unharmed, and EVA-01 and the Brobot L-Type are defeated. Anti Guy finally decides to go back to the League HQ, only to be killed by R2-D2's taser. The Nirvash and Anti Guy end up in the Underwhere, reconnecting with Party Poopers #11.


Party Poopers: Afterparty Edition, which contains the comics