Character HistoryEdit

Torchman (AKA Fire Man (ファイヤーマンFaiāman?) ) is a Robot Master from the Mega Man classic series. He was built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to work in an incinerator.

In the remake Mega Man: Powered Up, Fire Man is a playable character. He can use his Fire Storm whenever he wants, but if he runs into water, he will lose the ability to launch waves of fire (Though he will still be able to summon a fiery sphere around him) until he comes back into contact with lava or fire. Also in the same game, he is revealed to talk with a stereotypical Southern accent and is obsessed with justice and fire.

RP HistoryEdit

Torch first came into play at the tail end of the first flood of RM accounts. He was first portrayed as being very negative concerning his function, at the time he thought his fire abilities were only good for destruction. This soon changed after meeting Shadeki Miyabashin, who would become an integral part of most of the plots that Torch would get involved in.

Although most recall his relationship with Shadeki primarily, his first bit of slash pairing scrutiny was with a yukionna (snow woman) named Mikura, however they were unable to stay together due to Torchman's heat slowly killing the spirit.

Shadeki and Torchman had a long running relationship until Torch disappeared for a month then came back to find she was being pursued by Zelos Wilder and Skull man.

Torchman decided to sacrifice his own happiness and let her go be with the man he thought she would be happy with. After that he went into a state of near constant depression and was showing signs of obsessive behavior. This didn't stop until Torchman had a run in with Pump man and was repgrogrammed by Dr Wily, giving birth to his temporary role as a villain.

Evil Torch was given orders to kill off Torrent girl and Shadeki, he was sucessful in shutting down Torrent and Splashwoman and in his attempt to kill Shadeki found himself under very heavy surveillance and suspicion. Shadeki was found to be alive and after a confrontation Torchman's true nature shone through and impaled himself on a spike of Shadeki's frozen blood to keep himself from killing her.

He was rebuilt and for a short time was emotionless until he regained his southern accent.

Recently Torchman has been acting as a big brother figure to Shadeki, still keeping a watchful eye on her. He's built a forge where he builds armor and weapons for others to use and has somehow managed to gain the affections of Lulu the Black mage from Final Fantasy X.


  • His maximum heat output is 8,000 degrees Celsius.
  • Somehow is one of the few RM's to show signs of a mental illness that leads to dual personalities.
  • At one point was the standard when it came to examples of poor relationship outcomes.
  • Still wears his mouthplate despite his face being repaired
  • Has had drinking problems in the past which rooted in going out to a bar with metalman.
  • Is deathly afraid of his brother Iceman.
  • Is often the victim of his siblings shenanigans.
  • Has a slight hair trigger temper.
  • Despite his accent, he hates country music.