Tornado Man DRN 066
Storm Controller




Tornado Man (トルネードマン?) is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 whose period of use had expired and was scheduled to be scrapped. Tornado Man was built to help control or stop the formation of dangerous storms.

RP HistoryEdit

After Quickman and Splashwoman were married, Tornadoman later showed up, completely unaware and very much obsessedinfatuated with Splashwoman (due to it being a popular 'canon' pairing). After he finds out that not only did Splashwoman get married, she also had a child, TorrentGirl, he becomes butthurtenraged and vows to get rid of Quickman.

In the plot (currently dubbed "The Rise of New Pangati"), Doctor Wily strikes a deal with Tornadoman, saying he could win over Splashwoman if he joined his ranks.
He's one of the few "Wily robots" to not be reprogrammed.


  • He apparently has a thing for incest.
  • Tornado Man's "wings" on his head are also found on some of the Greek and Roman gods(more or less the ones of wind).
  • From a technical standpoint, it is impossible that Tornado Man can fly in the air and use his arms to attack at the same time.
  • He sold his 'soul' to Slaanesh to get rid of Quickman.