Tour de Isle o' Hags
Release date

13th November, 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Eureka Thurston, Anemone Sorel


possibly Mumbo Jumbo

Tour de Isle o' Hags, or Bloodbitch vs. U-Wrecka 09, was the latest plot to come out of Meta Knight.

It is notable because this plot supposedly swapped the "old Eureka" with the "canonical Eureka", drastically changing her attitude and causing her to leave the League of Meta Knights.

Plot synopsisEdit


Mumbo Jumbo of Banjo-Kazooie fame was on a roll changing people into washing machines, including Excel, Travis Touchdown, Mokujin and even Eureka's boyfriend Renton. This arguably increased their productivity. When Eureka came back from her hiatus (after being replaced by Anemone), she was obviously shocked. Mumbo offered the two coralians a race - if Eureka won, she gets Renton back, but if Anemone wins, Mumbo gets to build her a new model of theEND. Obviously the two girls asked if he could do both, but Mumbo only works for Glowbos and Mumbo Tokens. (But where the fuck would you find those outside of Banjo's universe anyway?)

Meta Knight, being the impulsive knight he was, decided to take bets while he was in Italy. Most of the people betted on Anemone.

But you see... you don't gamble on Friday the 13th.

The raceEdit

The promotional poster (pictured above) depicted the race as hardcore and epic (and Anemone as Wario), hyping everyone up. Anemone began to exhibit Wario-like traits, apart from throwing a banana peel in front of Eureka at the start of the race (which is more Yokuba/Fassad). As Eureka tripped, Anemone flew ahead, laughing maniacally.

Plot twist?Edit

Anemone was very far ahead of Eureka. The finish line was in sight... she was going to win.

Then luck pulled a fag move.

Gregg, the grim reaper, appeared out of nowhere. He stated the date. Friday the 13th. Gregg threw an apple at Anemone. She ate it, and grew to the size of the average deviantART user. Her liftboard broke, made a dent in the ground and was immobilized. (A Wario Land reference.) Eureka won, many hours later, and Claus was in despair.

Mumbo apologised profusely. He was going to turn Renton back... but then...

Plot twist!Edit

Interrupting more rudely than Kanye West, the supposedly real Eureka showed up, much older than her counterpart. The 'real' Eureka ranted on about morals and how she was misinterpreted, all the while Mumbo conjuring up another spell to turn her into a washing machine. It missed and hit the fake Eureka, and the two washers lived happily ever after.

Eureka found the clone's League ID. She decided to take it up. Oh, what a choice that was...


Eureka ended up discarding it and leaving the League. She took a much more moral stance, and was the catalyst for the drama that shortly occured after.

Contrary to popular belief, Eureka's PMS insightful commentary was not what broke Meta Knight - it was because someone had stolen his sword.