Trevor Roberts
Trevor Roberts
"And now, to demonstrate my latest and greatest creation!"



Unknown. Currently, he resides in any one of his many bases he has created over the years.


His Robotic Creations



Dr. Trevor Roberts is an Evil/Mad Scientist who has had an involvement in the SARP since it’s beginning, and has had at least a minor involvement in almost every plot thus far. Usually, his role is that of a villain, but he has also had a hand in creating several plot devices through his inventions.

Role in the RPEdit

For most of the plots, Dr. Roberts has always tried taking over the world or parts of it with his veritable army of robots, impressive aerial fleets, massive skyships, or his gargantuan, city-sized factories and fortresses. He always tries looking for cursed items or artifacts to power his great doomsday machines, but in the end, an angry Knight, a group of heroes, or a fellow villain fed up with his antics always manages to throw in the proverbial wrench right into Roberts’ plan. But to this day, he has never learned his lesson. On several occasions, one of which involved the near-annihilation of Earth, Dr. Roberts banded together with the heroes to save the Earth from destruction. After all, If there is no world to conquer, then it defeats his purpose. And death, suffering, and destruction obviously isn't what Dr. Roberts fantasizes when he envisions how he will control the world, if that's what he even truly wants...though he will definitely resort to destruction and suffering when need be, and with little hesitation or regard to the lives in his path.




Dr. Roberts has long boasted his goal of creating Trevopolis. While this is mostly a naught dream of his, he did create it for awhile, much to the dismay of the heroes. Trevopolis was the perilous capital city and foundation for Dr. Robert’s “nation”. A technological metropolis spanning an entire continent, the dystopia was a veritable hell. The entire city was built on top of what used to be an entire region of forests and rolling hills, but was turned into a sea of molten steel, utilized by the extensive network of refineries, factories, power plants, chemical processing stations, huge laboratories, generators, antenna structures, and hundreds of miles of industrial sectors (but despite this, the city's entire security system was downed by a single ancient dance from Emi at one point). However, through the combined efforts of many heroes, the nightmarish ensemble was destroyed. In most plots, Trevopolis takes on the form of a technocratic dictatorship, with Dr. Roberts himself as the self-appointed Head of State. In general, as far as the social order of Trevopolis spans out, robots and scientists employed by Dr. Roberts are granted greater social status than that of other Humans and Lifeforms.

Trevor's Robots/InventionsEdit

Although he is a living prodigy in all variants of science, throughout his presence in the SARP, Dr. Roberts has been known for his brilliant clever displays of brilliance through his innovative and highly impressive inventions in mechanics and robotics. If he thinks of something, there isn't much doubt that the madman will construct it quickly and almost flawlessly.



Basic Ebot


Though nearly all of Dr. Robert’s robots can be referred to as “E-Bots”, this is the most basic class of his robot forces. E-Bots number in the thousands, and appear to be mass-produced by Trevor in his bases, though he has been known to hand-build several when the situation calls for it. The basic E-Bot model can hover and fly. They possess retractable arms, limited A.I., and clawed hands which can wield weapons or tools. However, unlike the Robot Masters, E-Bots have no emotion or free will, and are nothing more than robotic pawns.

The E-Bot is also the base model upon which many other robots are based. The most common is a metallic torso capable of flight. Numerous different attachments for the shoulders exist, among which are, claws, buzz-saws, speakers, drills, flails and just about anything else Trevor thinks will work.


A small type of hovering-TV robot used by Dr. Roberts to communicate via telepresence. They are unarmed, but have been known to explode.


Whatever he wants to build! Whether it be a large mobile mech suit, a specialized robot for a specific foe, or even a gargantuan skyship, he can utilize whatever he can muster up mechanically, which is just about anything.


  • His Original Moniker was Trevor Robotnik.
  • Unlike most in the RP, Trevor's account serves as both a "real" and an RP account. Unfortunately this lead to misconception as one or two people actually thought that the Trevor Roberts character was a real people.
  • The Blue Coloration of his hair is not natural, but is the unintended effect of years of radiation.
  • Rarely is Dr. Roberts the "Final" Villain. More often than not, he is an instigator of conflict, but is usually "trumped" by a larger, more sinister villain.
  • No matter how big or impressive his inventions are, most of them have a painfully obvious weakness, even to the point of installing a large "Self-Destruct" button on a few of his machines.