a. An evil, degrading, or immoral practice of habit.

b. A serious moral failing.

c. Wicked or evil conduct or habits; corruption.

Twenty three years ago, an unknown man (who shall be referred to as 'Master' for the remainder of this article) found an infant and gave him this name. It was his intention to raise the child into a man deprived of concepts that would mark him as 'humane'. Vice was not to know compassion, hope or love. Once these feelings were repressed, the name 'Vice' and its meanings were embraced.

While these feelings are repressed, it does not mean Vice is incapable of them. He has the potential for every human emotion.



Both his skin and hair are inhumanly white. While Vice's claim that this is an effect of the lack of light in his world may be the reason for his skin colour, it does not explain his hair colour. A more likely explanation is a genetic mutation. While his features suggest albinism, Vice only suffers one disadvantage associated with the condition.

Shadow RobeEdit

The robe consists of semi-solid shadows. The shadows branch out and constantly sway if fluid movements around him. When willed, the robe can completely envelop Vice and transform him into a shadow, causing him to 'disappear'. There are limitations to this ability.


The KnifeEdit

A silver stiletto knife is near always in his right hand. The handle and blade are both made of the same unknown metal. Upon the blade, there are engravings depicting the different phases of moons. It is only recently Vice has discovered this, as there are no moons in his home world.

Vice can control the movements of the knife without needing physical contact, however he prefers to hold on to the knife while using it. He does not have the ability, telekinesis, as the knife is the only object he has the power to move.

This knife carries a curse. It pushes Vice to desire the feel and sight of blood. This combined with his upbringing has made him a very violent man.

Vice is extremely attached to his knife and experiences pain and desperation when separated from it.

The Barbed DaggerEdit

Through a meeting with Emperor Nightshade, the blade of the knife was melted and reformed into a barbed dagger. All affects of the knife have passed onto this new weapon. When willed, the barbed dagger will reform into the stiletto knife and vice versa.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Mental AttackEdit

When eye contact is possible, Vice can inflict excruciating pain upon an enemy. This usually manifests as a debilitating migraine. Vice can only use this ability while still. The pain passes the moment he moves.


A gift given to Vice by Docatorian. In the instance Vice is killed, he will remain dead for a few days before coming back to life, fully healed.

Shadow ManipulationEdit

Another gift given by Docatorian. Vice can grant shadows a solidity and will their movement. He often uses this to restrain his victims.

Shadow KidnapsEdit

Originally, this ability was given to Fen Rissinger by Curishura.Vice convinced Curishura to allow him to remove the ability from Fen. During this process, Vice gained the ability.

Vice can pull others into a shadow realm. He only does so when there is a need for a private conversation or when he deems a victim should receive more than his usual cruel acts.

Within the shadow realm Vice has another ability. Only his special victims know of this.


A very weak ability given to him by Curishura. It was earned when Vice assisted her in kidnapping Tai Ki Shura.

The only instances in which this ability rapidly heals Vice is when the wounds are minor. Small cuts, bruises... etc. In other cases, Vice heals faster than an average human, but this does not usually aid him in combat. When in pain, Vice still seeks the help of a healer. Currently, Aoife Faye is his preferred healer.


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