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Vortex is a century-old ghost with the power to control the weather that hails (hur hur hur) from the "Danny Phantom" series. He finds the earth to be a meaningless planet, and has wrought havoc on the earth throughout the ages.

Character HistoryEdit

Vortex debuted in the Danny Phantom episode "The Torrent of Terror". Vlad Masters rescues the storm ghost from the Observants and exploits Vortex's powers to propogate himself amongst the legal voting citizens of Amity Park. When Vlad loses control over Vortex, he decides to avoid the problem by passing off the responsibility of dealing with Vortex to Danny, who actually absorbs some of Vortex's weather-manipulating powers when Vortex strikes him with a bolt of lightning (oddly, he seems to have a power similar to Danny's Ghostly Wail). Realizing that Danny's new powers allow him to create weather based on his moods, Tucker and Sam lure Vortex back to Amity Park and use a Virtual Reality program to manipulate Danny's emotions, creating the proper weather attacks to weaken Vortex and allow him to be captured. After the battle, Danny loses the weather-based powers.

RP HistoryEdit

Vortex came into the RP during late September, after Liquid Lindsey had ended. Like most non-Japanese cartoon characters, he wasn't very prominent in the RP. Most of his activity involved torturing users with weather-related names and picking fights with random people.


  • He's potentially one of the largest characters in the RP, since he can reach the size of a skyscraper.
  • His least favorite person in the RP is apparently Tornado man, strickly because Vortex should've been able to beat him (but didn't)
  • He's potentially one of David Sledge Brother's most powerful RP account character.
  • Vortex tends to speak in all caps and he punctuates his speech with gasping.

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