Wendy O. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa Super Mario Wii
"Love me, or I'll scream."



Koopa Kingdom



Wendy O. Koopa is the selfish, bratty daughter of King Bowser Koopa.  She was the first of the original seven Koopalings to join the RP.  On top of that she's the first pre-N64 Mario series boss in the RP aside from Wario.

RP HistoryEdit

Wendy made her debut early June, which was when Party Poopers was taking place.  A few weeks after her debut, Wendy fell in love with Nate DeSa.  Unfortunately for her, Nate wanted nothing to do with the Koopa princess and the fiasco practically had Wendy killed.  At the moment, Wendy had given up on trying to pursue Nate to the point she barely wants anything to do with him.

Wendy's first chance at plot involvement was in Welcome to Trevopolis, where she (grudgingly) joined the Underground.  The Koopa princess managed to persuade Mojo Jojo into handing her a flux compassitor for Bastain's project fix the Continuity-O-Meter.

Wendy and her brothers traveled to Outer Space to avoid the destruction of the world in Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair. While Iggy and Lemmy were busy searching for Morton, Wendy went off to the Comet Observatory with Larry and Bowser Junior. On the way there, the three Koopas bumped into some Space Bikers and rough-housed with them. Unfortunately, Wendy, Larry and Bowser Junior had gotten their tails whooped and were used to mess up the Comet Observatory (and were left to take the blame).

While Koopalings weren't physically present for the post-TtSfUD timeskip, they were given a small part in Minuet Waltz. In that fanfic, they helped with decorating the pavilion for Flash Man and Jojora's wedding. They also were among the many that attempted to bring down Amy was she was going berserk during the wedding service (mostly out of payback for all the trouble that Amy and her sister had previously caused them).


  • She hates Iggy and Lemmy's new hairstyles because she thinks that it makes them look even stupider than before. Iggy and Lemmy claim that the real reason is that she's attempting to compensate for her own lack of hair.
  • She has a habit of either filing her nails or applying lipstick when in casual conversation.
  • Wendy is on somewhat friendly terms with Splash Woman, since both are the only female in their respective families.

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