Wish/Libera timeskip Edit

Now where do we fucking start with this shithole of a "plot"? At first it was A vaction for the league, where the members split up and did their own thing. THENNNNN Meta Knight's bastard child Hameta got kidnapped by Dimentio and Trevor Roberts, so the league mobilized for that.

Unfortantly, this is when shit started hitting the fan. EVERYONE wanted to make a move on the plot. People attacked Dimentio and Trevor constantly, but each battle only made more and more plot twists and made the plot more confusing and harder for Meta to write the actually comics. Eventually, things went so out of control that Metaknight set up a timeskip and everyone pretended that it never existed. A good thing.

Wish you were here Edit

The start Edit

This was split into three different plots. Unfortantly, only one was actually started:

Ultimate Quest for Kickarse treasure

Basically, Anti Guy, DaRoach, and Mr L were given a map to a secret treasure on the Island. They then quickly stole it and proceeded to hunt for the treasure. More information on what COULD'VE happened later

Libera Hameta from hell Edit

The start Edit

Sadly, the vacation was to be cut short. Metaknight took a nice walk with Hameta, his bastard child with Miku, when Marth found them. Enraged that Metaknight banged Miku, he attacked. This gave time for Dimentio and Trevor to kidnap Hameta (and crea psychoto's super void of a hat or something like that). The League mobilized, and forged a plan to stop the duo.

What COULD'VE Happened Edit

Like I mentioned, the plots ended up becoming so clusterfucky that no one could get anyway and Metaknight used a timewarp to pretend that the whole plot never existed. But here's what Meta PLANNED on doing for both plots
(Also, I'm lazy and gonna copypasta from Meta's journal)

What COULD'VE happened in Wish you were here Edit

  • Ultimate Quest for Kickarse Treasure

    Anti Guy, Daroach. Mr L, Starman Super, Kirby, ROB and Kaitos go looking for treasure after being given a map by a mysterious Pianta salesman. They explore the hidden depths of the island, until they find David, after being revived and brainwashed by the Shadow Queen. He and Meta Ridley attempt to destroy them but Daroach dispatches them with a well aimed Star Cane Strike.
    They take the treasure on board the Halberd, which Anti-Guy opens. The chest actually contains Jojora, who is holding a time bobomb. Jojora explains that the treasure was set up by the Queen in order to ruin the holiday, and Mimi was the salesman in disguise. The bomb explodes, crashing the Halberd into the sea.
  • MetaMarthMiku - Fight for the Heartwin!!

    Hatsune Miku is fought over by Meta Knight and Marth. Each attempt many feats to win her heart, but to no avail. Meta attempts to ask advice from Claus, House and Kumatora, while Marth asks advice from Len, Rin, Gakupo and Wang Yao.

    Meta and Marth get into one last swordfight at a local beachfront dance party. Miku throws a fit and admits she doesnt want either of them and likes DeDeDe instead.

Subspace Loveissary

Tabuu is pissed off and has nothing to do during the holidays. He enters a bar, and sees Navi, but humansize. Navi takes rough to Tabuu at first, but Tabuu compliments as to how beautiful her wings are. Navi mentions that no other fairy liked her wings and they instantly fell in love.
Tabuu and Navi go out and do generally romantic things. At one point, Navi gets a Tabuu-patterned tattoo on her wings from Nastasia, who was working there at the time. Nastasia explains that the tattoo grows larger and more beautiful as their love grows stronger.

Tabuu and Navi sit on a beach one day and talk about how far they've come. The ultimately admit that they want to be with eachother forever, and Navi decides to join the League with Tabuu.
Before Tabuu and Navi have sex on the beach, Dimentio arrives at the scene. He explains how love is destined for doom if one is evil. Tabuu and Navi attempt to defend this claim. Dimentio reveals a little aspect about the tattoo; his power also grows with it, and he set up the placement in order to incur the most despair possible.
Dimentio snaps his fingers and traps Navi in a clear box. Then, Navi's tattoo burns slowly to her heart, in which it then explodes. Tabuu is pissed off and Super-offwaves Dimentio. Dimentio is critically injured and states that he'll be back.
Tabuu sees Navi, and Navi utters her final words to Tabuu: "it is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all". Navi dies.
(Note, if this is mentioned, Tabuu will deny the existance of this relationship completely)

What COULD'VE happened in Libera Hameta from hell Edit

Meta Knight knocks up Miku one day, and they have a baby. Dimentio and Trevor Roberts kidnap the baby, Hatsune Meta.
Later at HQ, Kamina mans up Marth. Meta Knight calls a meeting, which is interrupted by Kam Jameson, a new ally, and Darth Vader/Sephiroth, who inform the League that Hameta is being used by Dimentio and Dr. Roberts to turn into a killer Vocaloid, by combining her with a Vocaloid headset and Crea's hat, a hat with infinite space. Kamina cuts Vader's cape and Sephiroth's hair, and they flee. Kamina explains his plan...

Holland Novak attempts to interrogate Commissar Fuklaw. He leaks that Hameta is at a castle.
Mimi, Ghost Rider and Dick Tracy interrogate a Dorguy, who sends out the Underchomp. After a car chase drive by, the Underchomp is defeated and the Dorguy tells where the void containing Hameta is in.
The recons, Prince of Persia, Ada Wong, 113420 and Kumatora, infiltrate the castle. Ada is killed by a trap, while 113420 asks the denizens for information. The others map out the castle.
The Excalibur sword pierces the door and everyone storms the area. Kam, ROB and House try to find the hat and the VOCALOID headset. They encounter Laura and Nate, who eventually give up and help the med team.
Kam and co. find the room where Hameta is located. They are ambushed by Dr. Robert's robots, but Sephiroth orders them to stop. ROB takes Hameta and Sephiroth disappears.
Before Hameta is completely reprogrammed, Trevor's eBots attack the crew. Meta Knight and the rest of the League save them, and Kamina combines TANKREDLAGANN with Hameta to form VOCAREDLAGANN.
The Emperor appears and fights Vocared. Trevor Roberts falls back, and asks the crew where Sheik is, before disappearing.

Sheik is revealed to have been at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials. He had followed Dimentio to his new area of operations, in which he had also kidnapped Gakupo. Sheik attempts to save Gakupo to no avail.
The rest of the crew in Vocared drill to the bottom of the pit. Dimentio and Dr. Roberts expect them, and demonstrates a new machine Trevor built, the Super-Dragoniser 8000, which mutates everyone with human proportions into evil mutated beasts.
Meta Knight & Anti Guy are the only ones unaffected. They try to fend them off, but realise they can't because they would have to hurt them in the process.
Before Meta Knight and Anti Guy give in, Sephiroth and Vader impale Dr. Trevor and use the machine to reverse the effects of it. Vader uses Force Lightning to destroy the machine.
Dr. Trevor Roberts doesn't die. He and Dimentio use one last resort, and fuse to create Imperial Dimentio mkII.
Vocared attempts to fight them but Imperial Dimentio wins the upper hand.
Kamina and Hameta think of one last plan. They hop out of Vocared and brofist it, dramatically powering it up. Vocared starts singing, which splits Dimentio and Dr. Roberts. Vocared then create a massive attack called the SILVER☆DREAM, which essentially sends Dimentio and Dr. Roberts out of time. Kamina and Hameta die, and Dimentio and Trevor are sent to early Mexico and are hired as livestock caretakers.

Meta Knight and Miku contemplate what they've done. Miku decides they should see other people, and she walks off into the sunset. Meta Knight asks for one last favour: for her to pose provocatively. Meta Knight forgot to bring his camera.


No plot should be like Wish/Libera.