Lordaeron, Azeroth





Woif, the undead rogue of sheezy/((Controlled by Dingchevaz/Woif))

Character History Edit

Woif got into the RP after finding metalman. And from there he basicly found the rest over time.

'Past' Edit

He was assassin when he was among the living. He was eventually caught and hung. This all happened shortly before the scourge came about, and he was among the dead raised. He was a giest in the Lich Kings army till he broke free along with many others.

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He was already fairly crazy when alive, and undeath just sent him further into madness. He has a hatred of gnomes for no apparent reason and tends to slaughter them en masse. He also keeps the corpses of those he kills in a cooler, mainly for snacks and replacement body parts. He can be sane when he feels like it(not often).

He cares about those he call's friends(though it is uncertain how many see him as a friend as well), and would brutally kill anyone who harms them.
He is also a Goblin Engineer, which means he mainly builds bombs/things explode even if they shouldn't.

Hes also a combat rogue. List of abilities here:

He currently has a few adopted Children, them being Drichen Aduur and his siblings.

He also kills Xero Kaine almost daily in a wood chipper.


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