"Avast ye, scurvy hogs! Wait, that didn't sound right..."



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Youngblood is a bratty little ghost from the "Danny Phantom" series.  He has a variety of styles, but in the continuity of the RP; he seems to be locked into his pirate persona.

Character HistoryEdit

Youngblood makes his first appearance in "Pirate Radio" where he and his crew steal various technological gear (The Fenton's Ghost Shield Generator and treadmills) to create a ghost shield around his pirate ship while using the treadmills for adults to use to power his ship; entranced and lured by his partner in crime, Ember McLain. However, Danny (along with a host of other kids his age) work together to eventually end Youngblood's scheme, trapping him inside his own pirate ship with his parrot and crew via the ghost shield and having it sent to the body of the ocean.

Youngblood managed to break free in "The Fenton Menace", in which he then took the identity of a cowboy.  In that episode, he haunts Danny everywhere he goes, planning to drive him crazy as he is the only one who can see him (Youngblood cannot be seen by adults or for that matter young people who have an adult mind like Jazz). Danny successfully managed to get Jazz to help defeat Youngblood by making her express her inner child, triggered by childish insults, ripping her teddy bear, etc to provoke a temper tantrum. As a result, Jazz is suddenly able to perceive the young ghost and join the fight against him.

RP HistoryEdit

Youngblood wasn't a prominent character in the RP due to being a non-Japanese cartoon character.  On top of that, he was unpopular due to series he came from wasn't well-liked.

Youngblood's only active part in a plot so far was during Koopas in Space.  During that story, Youngblood attempts to comandeer the Koopalings' Doomship.  Unfortunately, Roy and Ludwig Von Koopa managed to toss Youngblood overboard.


  • In contrast to Sheik's dislike of pirates, Youngblood hates ninjas
  • In the continuity of the RP, Youngblood has gained two new weapons: an electrified Cat-O'-Nine-Tails and a pistol that shoots gold-colored explosive discs
  • The fact that adults aren't supposed to be able see Youngblood in the cartoon sereis, they can see him in the continuity of the RP.
  • Youngblood had planned on crashing the wedding between Splashwoman and Quick Man, but Youngblood never made it due to a last-minute scheduling change.
  • Youngblood was also going to make a minor cameo in A Sheezy Christmas Carol, but was replaced by Marisa Kisame at the last minute.