Yuyuko Saigyouji
Ghostly girl in the Netherworld Tower






Yuyuko is the ghost 'princess' of Hakugyokurou, the netherworld of the "formerly-living", but was once a living human. Long ago, after her death from suicide, her body was used to place a seal on the Saigyou Ayakashi, a dangerous youkai cherry tree, to stop it from killing innocent humans. During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, she enlisted Youmu Konpaku to find a way to make the tree bloom to resurrect the corpse buried beneath it, apparently unaware that it was her own body. Forced to abandon her plan as it would only result in her own destruction and the unleashing of the Saigyou Ayakashi's terror once again, she resigned herself to continuing her previous existence.

RP HistoryEdit

Yuyuko first appeared in mid-May alongside Youmu.  The shade princess apparently heard a fairy singing outside of her garden.  She went out to search for it in the hopes of eating it for a midnight snack.  The "fairy" that Yuyuko found just so happened to be Luvbi.  As soon as Luvbi and Yuyuko crossed paths, Luvbi made a frantic attempt to fly away from Yuyuyko.  But Yuyuko was determined to not let her prey escape, so she made an attempt to shoot Luvbi down with "Cherry Blossom Sign; Perfect Cherry Blossom of Sumizone" and "Flowery Soul; Deep-Rooted Butterfly".  Luvbi managed to avoid getting struck by the shade princess's assault and distracted her by chucking Parabuzzies at Yuyuko.  Youmu then decided to step in and prepared to attack Luvbi for harming Yuyuko.  The Nimbi made a frantic plea to be spared as she only attacked out of self-defense.  Youmu decided to listen to Luvbi and she let her off the hook.

Yuyuko hasn't done much else in the RP lately, since her puppeteer (Bri) Whoops isn't sure how to portray Yuyuko's character due to ZUN being inconsistent with it.  Although, Yuyuko did inspire Meta Knight to upgrade the Halberd to shoot danmaku fire.


Yuyuko has been given a more senile personality, as she is one of the oldest Touhou characters (Seen as one of the series' "Old Ladies" along with Yukari and Eirin, over 1000 years old). She's a carefree glutton on the surface, but under that, she is the darker, all-knowing, more cunning self she has otherwise shown to be when needed (Source; Scarlet Weather Rhapsody). However, she is too focused on her empty stomach to ever truly keep attention.


  • Yuyuko the first Touhou character to have plot involvement.
  • She's also the only character from that series to be in a comic.
  • Yuyuko was intended to have a brief cameo in A Sheezy Christmas Carol, where she would punt Jojora away from the refreshments table during the Yakkowig Christmas Party.  However, she was replaced by Daffy Duck literally "spiking" the punch bowl.

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